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    Impossible Foods (maker of the top-rated veggie burger that supposedly tastes like a real burger) just rolled out its new plant based pork. What is the current view among poskim on whether the issue of maris ayin is a sufficient reason to avoid consumption of these products, (assuming they have a valid hashgacha)? There are separate questions as to whether they are really healthier (aka lower cholesterol and calories but very high in sodium), and are marketed as a meat substitute for the veggie and vegan markets. However, given the many “fake” meat-based bacon products with a glatt hashgacha, why wouild this be any different?


    Ugh enough with this “fake meat in chulent” business.

    Just use real meat and be m’kayeim oneg shabbos properly.


    We have been using “fake” meat (e.g. Morningstar Farms) for a very long time, as well as “fake” pork products made from other types of meat (e.g. Lamb bacon, hot dogs made from beef, chicken and turkey). Even though Chinese cuisine is largely based on pork, kosher Chinese restaurants are very popular (usually substitute beef or foul for the treff foods ). The only real issue is whether we will regard parve fake meat as part of the fleshig cuisine (i.e. an alternative to buying real hamburgers or real hot dogs), or whether we will continue to see it as part of the mikig cuisine even if the new “fakes” aren’t dairy (and thus see them, as we now do, as alternatives to pizza or pasta).

    If anyone was going to object to these “fake” meats, they would have objected back in the 20th century when they became very common. What is new at present is that such “fakes” are catching on among goyim in part since many goyim believe (rightly or wrongly) that they are healthier than real meat and that switching to fake meat will prevent global warming (since livestock, similar to humans, produce gases that they believe with a religious fervor cause global warming).


    GH: Instead of asking the CR why dont you ask a Poseik?


    One more question: Do you eat Pareve Cheese Cake? or use Tofutti ice cream or better than cream cheese?


    BTW, just because it is called “pork” does not make it chazerfleish. And as to the taste of the “impossible burger”, it does mimic the taste of a beef hamburger better then its rivals.


    If there would be an issue of Maris Ayin it is sufficient to place a siman see the sugya of Basar in Almond Milk brought in the rema in 87:3. Furthermore, there are those that contend that once something becomes common enough the problem of maris ayin goes away completely.

    “Rav Yonason Eibeshutz[9] extrapolates and expands on this concept even further, applying it as a general halachic rule across the board: any time that the questionable object (or action) becomes commonplace, Maris Ayin no longer applies, as it will no longer arouse suspicion[10]. The example he gives is if in a place where cooking in almond milk is the norm, then accordingly it would not be necessary to place almonds next to the pot, as the average onlooker would simply assume that one is cooking in pareve almond milk, and not real milk. Other later authorities, including the Maharsham, and Yad Yehuda[11], have echoed Rav Eibeshutz’s ruling.”

    Reb Eliezer

    Empire has turkey bacon, long strips like bacon smoked which is very good.

    yaakov doe

    Is plant based beef in cholent ok with you?


    akuperma, I recommend avoiding restaurants that serve foul.


    If you want your chulent to taste bad, it’s your decision.


    Freilichen purim people


    Who has the best cholent recipe???

    Do you use a pot or crock pot?

    Oven or stove?


    Its not Maris Ayin as most people know about these products nowadays


    if you are going to put in fake meat you should add cheese


    Are most people who keep kosher familiar with how pork looks?

    Reb Eliezer

    Can you go into a McDonalds to get a soda?

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