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    When the “guest” knocks on the door, he knocks “B’sever ponim yofos”

    – “bsever” with a “syn”. However,

    When the baal-habayis opens the door, he opens “B’sever ponim yofos”

    – “bsever” with a “samech”. CORRECT?


    I think this is an exception to “Don’t explain the joke.”

    Once you explain, we can try to decide if you’re right

    and/or funny.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Or with a “samech” and “fai”.


    DaasYochid, since you’re here, please explain the joke for my (and likely others’) possible benefit.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    ??? ???? ???? means a pleasant countenance, with which the mishsnah in Avos says we should greet everyone.

    ??? ???? ???? refers to a pirush on Chumash written by the ba’al Hafla’ah.

    (I have no idea what ??? ???? ???? means, unless it’s supposed to be a “shyn”, in which case maybe it means he’s a poor person with a broken countenance and the homeowner is supposed to cheer him up).


    Maybe he means that the guest hopes for a panim yafos from the baal habayis (“sivro e/al(?) Hashem elokav ) [gotcha!]. But here, he gets it, so what’s funny?

    (I am getting so tired of typing <em> </em>… Maybe I should abandon the style. But I like distinguishing any Hebrew or Yiddish word which isn’t an integral part of frum vocabulary, and adding emphasis to words! Sigh.)

    Or maybe he means that the guest is coming to “break” the baal habayis‘s panim yafos, but the baal habayis pushes himself to give a panim yafos anyway.

    Likewise not amusing.

    Or maybe he meant it to be the other way around – the guests knocks with a panim yafos, because he expects to receive, but ay, ay, Rabbosai, the baal habayis comes out with his panim yafos broken, because he expects to have to give.

    I should note that it may not be meant to amuse at all –

    it’s filed under Inspiration/Mussar.

    (Okay, I haven’t refreshed the page to see if anyone else has written any of what I’ve written, because I want to post it even so. S’iz kim’at Erev Rosh Hashono – zeit mir mochel!)

    EDIT: Well, no one else had been approved since the last post I saw, so that’s good. 🙂

    catch yourself

    Maybe he meant ??? with a ??? ??????, as in ???? ?? ?????. The “guest” (in this interpretation, the ???? ???? collecting ????) hopes to explain to the ??? ???? in a convincing way why he should contribute to this particular cause. The ??? ????, for his part, is warm and welcoming, as in the ????.


    catch yourself: He said “guest” specifically. Also, where’s the mussar/inspiration in that?

    But CY’s post did cause me to realize that he put


    in quotation marks.

    That makes me think he may have been referring to the Yetzer Hora.


    randomex– you cant ask a rashi on a joke


    ? ? ? Deedly deedly deedly ? ? ?

    (How does the Twilight Zone theme go?)

    I just checked the threadstarter’s profile. He’s been registered for 4 years. This is his first post. ?!?!?

    This is not uncommon. A user may sign up to post comments in a different section (news) and later decide to also comment in the CR.


    WannaBeChasidish –

    1) Jokes aren’t usually put up under

    “Inspiration / Mussar.”

    2) Jokes do need to make sense to a certain degree to be funny

    (unless the joke is simply how absurd the joke is).

    3) A play on words certainly needs to be understandable.

    4) I don’t want to see you post that statement a third time. 🙂

    Reb Eliezer

    The Satmar Rav ztl’l was asked, why do we need the letters ש, ת and ס, so he said, how would you write
    כסילים מתי תשכילו?

    Reb Eliezer

    A merchant wanted to write חלב כשר לפבח he wrote כלב קשר לפתח so people were afraid to enter the store.

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