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    Do you agree with the mlb taking the all star game out of Atlanta due to the “Jim crow” voting law and moving it to Colorado?


    Georgia did the right thing.


    Blue states have identical laws. Almost every business requires photo ID (drivers license or passport or equivalent) for significant transactions, including the companies such as Delta which screamed the loudest.

    MLB may be shooting themselves in the foot since while most owners are rich blues, most of the American players and from “red” parts of the country. If the “red” states support a repeal of the baseball’s unique antitrust exemption, the result could be competing red and blue leagues, not to mention losing their reserve clause and exemption from playing minor league players the minimum wage.


    The vast majority of MLB players, represented by the MLBPA, strongly objected to the Georgia law which they felt would disenfranchise voters and make voting more difficult. Same for the owners of MLB teams. They are a private business and they are obviously entitled to express their views by holding their events in another jurisdiction they believe is more supportive of their views. For the past several years, it seems like most of the right wing organizations feel compelled to hold their meetings at Mar a Lago or at some other Trump property. Trump himself tried to push the G-20 world leaders to hold their meeting at his Doral facility in Florida.


    >they felt would disenfranchise voters and make voting more difficult.<

    What made them feel that? Joe Biden’s lies?


    GH, the MLB isn’t supposed to be right wing or left wing. True they have the right to do whatever that want, but when they take a completely partisan stance like that, they are “disenfranchising” many more people than will ever be “disenfranchised” by the Georgia voting law. And they did it because of internal pressure from the Woke Mob. The MLB, as well as all the big businesses that put out “statements” regarding the law need to get back in their own lane, and stop sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong(politics). This is especially stupid and frustrating considering that this whole Jim crow comparison is completely bogus, and frankly disgusting. Anyone can get an id, the bill makes it easier to do that. And many of these corporations that are “condemning” the law, actually require id for their own functions. So where is this all this coming from? Joe Biden, and the Fake News media. As always, spreading division like their lives depend on it.

    anonymous Jew

    GH, I would venture to say not one ballplayer has actually read the law. They very likely are going by the calm words of our great uniter, President Biden, who dishonestly called it a Jim Crow law.
    The President was awarded 4 Pinocchios for his distortions by the left wing Washington Post. For example,the President said that the polls would have to close by 5 pm.
    If anything, it is the Democrats and people like GH who are the true racists. After all, they are alleging that black and Latino voters lack ID’s and the intelligence to be able to understand what it takes to acquire one. BTW, is it racist for Delta to require a picture ID to board a plane? For the Post Office to require and ID to pick up your mail? To get a passport?
    Major League Baseball is being very hypocritical. Rob Manfred, the Commissioner, is a member of the Augusta ( Georgia ) National Golf Club and plans on attending the Masters Golf Tournament this week. Until recently only white men were allowed to be members but this doesn’t bother Manfred. Baseball has also formed business relationships ( as has the National Badketball Assoc ) with China, which has put 1,500,000 Uighurs into concentration camps

    anonymous Jew

    Additionally, the use of the term Jim Crow by Biden cheapens the term. I know how I feel when non Jews use Holocaust to describe relatively mild situations. Actual Jim Crow entailed lynchings and severe restrictions on voting rights, civil liberties ( i.e. separate white and black bathrooms, water fountains, schools, lunch counters)

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