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    Belev Echad

    Who else thinks YWN really needs a like button by comments? (and coffeeroom) it can be a thumbs up or “like”, i dont care, and if you dont need to add a “dislike ” button if youre concerned about discord….but please, YWN, please add a like button!

    the reason i am so passionate about this is because i think when you see one post has an overwhelmingly larger amount of likes than another post, it lends credence to the validity of the post. shows just how many people agree with that comment.
    And when certain not-so-smart people write not-so-nice things, and get very little, or no, likes, it might take away from the shining glory of having their nonsense put in print.
    Right now total nonsense has equal footing as brilliant wisdom, and id love a way to differentiate it.

    Besides, its the 21st cntury already. Come on YWN…..

    now how many likes would this get if there was a button?



    A like button makes people lazy. Now people write out their agreement or disagreement.


    Doing my best

    If there was a like button, i would be able to just hit it on b’lev echads post instead of having to right this.
    I think Belev Echad is right.


    Belev Echad

    Reb Yidd, not really. I hardly comment around here because i really dont have the time for it. But i do skim articles and comments, and i would love the opportunity to quickly “like” a posters response.

    And i would love to show support for those posters who stand up to the inflammatory garbage posted by some. Hence, a like button!



    If whatever message you want to get across is not worth the few seconds it takes to type it, it’s probably not worth saying at all.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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