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    the first big storm of the season just hit and I can’t understand why people do not clean off their vehicles before hitting the roads.

    cleaning the snow and ice off your vehicle includes ALL of the windows. How many times have we seen drivers trying to drive with just a small cleared area on the front windshield? How can they see everything around them? They can’t! Also the trunk, the hood and the roof all need to cleared of snow and ice. For vans, especially the 12 and 15 passenger vans, this may be difficult but it is doable. I saw someone on a ladder and a push broom clearing off a van.

    It is for the safety of those around you as well as for yourself.


    Yeah with all the ice people need to put out salt so I don’t feel like I’m navigating an obstacle course trying to avoid the ice….

    And I lost count of all the near slips I witnessed in the past few days….


    mdlevine- What about using the heater and defroster to melt ice and snow from vehicles? Beacon- I know salt and chemicals will melt, but they create potholes in the road. Oh well it justifies the promises of politicians that they will repair all these roads just before election time. Good snow tires will prevent accidents (hopefully), because of their gripping power. One in order to be a safe driver during winter must drive slower, so you can completely stop (when you need to), and avoid fish tailing and skidding. AAA is a good Road Service to join. If you want your vehicle to start on a frigid morning when the temperature outside is about 0 degrees Fahrenheit(providing you have a good battery) make sure the gas tank is completely full the car will start every time.


    yes, the heater and defroster works, however, it is not enough. I have seen people driving wih huge snow piles on the roofs of their cars as well as with just enough snow removed from the windshield to see directly in front of the steering wheel.


    mdlevine- smart idea. It is terribly frightening, not to mention potentially life-threatening, to be driving on the highway and seeing a sheet of frozen snow, (aka ice) fly off the top of vans and suvs. I have seen this more than once and it’s really scary!


    mdlevine-I dont understand after so many Minuit (providing the heating and defrosting units are operating), they will melt snow and ice off front and back windshields. Check the rubber windshielof the wiper blades to make sure you dont have a layer of ice on the blade. A good corn broom (that we sweep the floor with) is suffice for brushing off snow on the car from the roof to the wheels.


    If the roads are dangerous to be traveling on (if possible) dont travel. Drive slowly and cautiously, allow yourself extra driving time. If ice is stuck to the vehicle use a heavy duty hammer or a mallet to crack the ice. Watch what you are doing, make sure you dont crack the ice too hard and dent the chrome on the Suv. Good luck and take care have a Happy Hanukkah.


    You can get a ticket if you don’t clear off your car before driving around.


    I agree with mdLevine (or is it e e cummings?) that one should clear the windows, but you also need to clear the other surfaces of your vehicle. When you drive, the ice/snow will fly off and hit the guy tailgating behind you! If the person is not tailgating (e.g. you are “out of town”) it will severly distract/blinden them. So it is dangerous not to, no matter where you are driving. Please brush all the snow off.

    yankdownunder – I was trying to figure out why the font changes in the middle of your posts. Do you use a `backtick instead of an apostrophe? Nice effect!


    It took me FORTY-FIVE MINUTES to clean my car off even with the heater on


    If someone slips and injures themselves in front of your house, or gets into a car accident because of snow falling off your car, you can get a ticket, and get sued. So remember, you’re not just doing other people a service, you’re doing yourself a HUGE favor.


    Squeak- I was pressing the backtic instead of the apostrophe key, my error. Thanks for pointing that out.


    I have some super “frum” neighbors who never ever shovel snow or salt the ice from the sidewalks of their homes. These people are machmir about everything except for putting others in a Sakana situation. Even when you avoid walking on their sidewalks and need to walk in the street instead, you are dodging cars and again in a dangerous situation. So before giving muser for others lack of “frumkeit”, take care of your own shortcomings.


    I once said something to someone on the lack of shoveling sidewalks. I walk a lot and I am very put off when I find myself on a block where I have to either walk in the gutter or climb over snow and ice. He replied that nowadays no one walks anywhere, everyone moves about by car (which seems to be true sadly – as the joke goes, people drive to the gym to walk on the treadmill) and therefore it is not important to shovel anything but the path to your driveway.


    no reason not to shovel law says within 48 hours everything must be shoveled

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