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    I am a divorced lady. Living below below below the low income line.

    Working class poor. I slave at stupid jobs, daily. I take out more gemachs just to pay the others. I do not know how to get out of this, except go back to school. Schools require basic things, like prerequisites, which means working less weekly and lower income in order to take these classes.

    I feel stuck in a cycle of sinking. Maybe i just have to “downsize” my tiny apt. and go rent a bedroom furnished? Maybe I should move to a larger city with more opportunitites?

    IF i take out a gemach right now, should the priority be on paying back people I owe? Or investing in a business that may not work out? what about essentials like winter coat and boots? i need so many things.

    please advise


    Bank robbers are paid well, work at nights and work few hours. In the worst case scenario the Feds provide free room and board.


    ARWSF – You haven’t posted in awhile. Like I told you a few years ago – I’m also divorced. Do you get child support and/or government programs? You need to hire a financial advisor – ASAP!


    Re Joseph’s post: No one likes a funny, smart-aleck post more than me, but yours is outright obnoxious and not at all funny. The initial poster has serious problems, is asking for help, and you have insulted her. I do not have advice for her, but at least I have rachmonos.


    SInce we have no idea what “stupid jobs” you;re doing, I would suggest you look into one of the many schools that train you for a job in the healthcare profession. There are a number of positions that do not requires years of training and some of them pay very well. Maybe you don’t feel it’s your thing, but maybe it beats what you’re currently doing. Healthcare is the place to be profession wise


    nfgo, chill out. It was obviously intended to be funny. And I think the OP took it in humor and, hopefully, it lightened her up a bit. (It also unburied an unanswered thread.)


    Maybe look into federal programs for job training:

    Government grants:


    Maybe ask a Rav/Rebbitzen if they know of opportunities.

    They say 80% of jobs are through the silent job market (not adverstised).


    I would be happy to talk to you, I

    Know of different resources etc.Please ask the Mods for my email address.


    Josheph I am NOT insulted! I understood from your answer that

    a) you didnt have any practical advice, so;

    b) you gave me the gift of humor.

    Thanks guys for the responses.

    Thanks eclipse, but I probablly wont call you. Just cause, you know, you wouldnt want me to start stalkin’ an all that. you know..


    Up to you:)


    You have many options:

    1. You can try looking for one full-time job at the moment that utilizes any skill-set you have. If you have extensive experience as a teacher assistant, try finding a JCC to work at. Even if you do not have a degree, many daycares with benefit packages and higher salaries will hire you as an assistant. If you have a skill somewhere else, try looking for a full-time job in that something else.

    2. Go to school; the US government pays for vocational training in “high demand” fields that are trying to actively recruit employees in your area. You need to meet certain eligibility criteria. The law is called WIA. They may pay for training in fields ranging from pharmacy technician (which is a 30k salary starting for full time and often can come with insurance benefits/ store discounts). The courses are offered at community colleges and will at least get you a skill so you can have a more stable work schedule. Depending on the program you choose, they may even cover the full cost of an associate degree. Then you may be able to transfer some of those credits to a four-year college to finish your degree.

    3. You can stop with the certificate or use your new stable work schedule to enroll at a school to finish up your degree.


    Re Joseph’s second post and the OP’s second post: Holy mackral – I was wrong and Joseph was right.


    Hmm, Re nfgo’s second post, that sounds about a regular day around here.

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