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    lebidik yankel

    I am seeking a song with lyrics that my kids can act out, either a story or something else. They did the Rebbe of Lublin and the Wedding song, by Journeys. Something of that nature would be great. Thanks for any suggestions!


    Sfashkenaz, The Band, The Ninth Man I & II, The Atheist Convention… Just watch Oorah’s videos and copy them!

    Abie, we love you!



    They can act out most of the Marvelos Middos Machine besides all the time machines and spaceships. Example the in Loshan Hora song they should be able to preform “And who sat on my Shabbos hat” 🙂


    anything from abie, the king of the English song. Or maybe Rabbi kunda, where they could have a blast trying to copy all the accents


    all of the journeys or MMM songs.

    also i’m not sure if people know it- the “destiny” tape (yes, like a cassette. from a different century) has a great song called colored candles…

    “eight days a year he’d light another candle every night, it lingered in his memory still…”

    great song with powerful message.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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