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    Hello everyone. (Please stay with me, I know it’s long..)

    It’s November and I am planning on applying to a seminary in Jerusalem for next year.

    I have already gathered most of the information I need from people around and now from this website, too:) I have been quite successful but I still need a little clarity on a couple of questions.

    Firstly, can someone try to explain the main differences between Bnois Sara and Nachlas? (Focus, Size, Lessons, Contact with teachers, Language(s), Girls, Shabosois in, Trips, Dorm (listed circa according to importance))

    Secondly, what about Tiferes? It showed up recently and I don’t really know anything about it except for that one girl (I hardly know) goes there and is very happy and extremly satisfied. What is it like in reference to the two above?

    And last; has Seminar Yerushalaim’s status really declined in the last 5-10years? If no, then where is it at compared to Bnois Sara?

    As you can see, I am pretty much into Bnois Sara but I nevertheless want to tackle everything off before I make a decision.

    The quality of the shiurim and the ambiance in the sem is very important to my parents and me. I slso don’t want them to pay a fortune so that I can simply have a year of fun and trips in Israel but I intend to grow spiritually and intellectually and profit the most of living in Eretz Hakedoischo for at least the upcoming year.

    Thank you very much in advance and hopefully I’ll be able to help you too (as far as it concerns another topic:))Kol Tuv


    I dont know about those sems.Did you check out Peninim…?

    I hear Tiferet is a good place though.


    Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match find me a find catch me a catch.


    @ The Goq: That wasn’t very helpfus, funny though (and mystical of course) 😀

    @ Astrix: Yes, I did, thank you.

    Busy As A Bee

    Ok so this was when I was in Seminary which was a few years ago,

    I don’t wanna say anything bad about any seminary cuz each are good in their own way so I’ll tell you about Bnos Sara since that’s the one you are into.

    Bnos Sara is a really great seminary. There are apx between 60-80 girls in the seminary (they might start to accept more but not that I know of). They like to keep it small, and usually have alot of out of towners. Which I think is great. The classes are basically in Hebrew, and they have really amazing teachers, I don’t know all of them but the two ones i know the best are Rabbi Refson and Rav Daron Gold. The teachers seem very warm, and the Aim Bayet is AMAZING!!

    I don’t know much about the shabbasim and such but the dorm is on Neve campus which has it’s up and downs.

    Downs – the food is decent not amazing (when you’re cooking for 1000+ ppl its harder for it to taste good). because alot of the money is used for the girls who arent paying tuition cuz parents dont want them becoming frum.

    Ups – you are on a CAMPUS not in a building so there’s grass and pretty trees and lots of space which is sooooo nice. You have all different type of people on the campus and you get to interact with them and it’s so nice. There is more but I’m forgetting…

    all in all its a great place…

    Hatzlacha Raba!!

    If you have any other specific questions feel free to ask 🙂


    @ Busy As A Bee: Thank you for this detailed answer. I think I can take the down part as it is not a problem to find something to eat in Yerusholayim:) But that doesn’t bother me.

    As for the up part I haven’t thought about the verdancy but it sounds good.

    In connection with that aspect here comes another question:

    I’ve compared the two locations and although the campus factor is nice, somehow I’d like to be “at the heart” of it. Also it seems that Har Nof is only conveniently accessible by bus.

    What do you (plural) think?

    Again thank you in advance;)

    Busy As A Bee

    Ok so basically I loved the fact that Neve Campus was a little bit out and I’ll explain why.

    In the beginning of the Sem year your right its fun to jump to geula and all over EY and its exciting but it dies down after a bit… and you want a place to sorta be “yours” like i dont know what part of the world your from but do you and ur friends have “your pizza shop” or something to that effect?

    Anyways if you walk 3 mins down to Shelzin in har nof there’s a

    1. Grocery Store

    2. Money Changer

    3. Pizza Store

    4. Bagel/Salad store

    5. Meat/Burger/Chicken salad store

    6. Froyo

    7. Candy store

    8. Photo Store

    9. Fruit/nut store

    and some other ones I don’t rem off the top of my head.

    and they’re only frequented by the girls in Har Nof so its alot more intimate. And fun!

    As apposed to being on Shmuel Hanavi where you share all the stores with half of Yerushalym…

    And while busses are the most accessible out of Har nof, there are cabs and personally I walked alot of places….

    So it depends on what you want…


    Dear Busy As A Beee

    Thank you so much for you posts.

    You are probably right about the “diying out” after a while. Now, when I think about it, I’d prefer to be somewhere where I can be myself as you said. And it’s not like I’m going on a vacation but I’ll actually live there. So, in conclusion, I think I’ll go to Har Nof.

    Again, thank you very much for pointing out those details. They were important for my decision and very helpful.

    Oh, and I am from the Swiss part of the world:)

    Kol Tuv,


    Busy As A Bee

    Not a problem…

    Remember though, u still need to get in 🙂

    So Hatzlacha Raba with that part….

    Keep us updated about it when that time of the year comes…

    if you have any other questions… feel free..


    well about seminar… its an amazing school. and yes they do have a good reputation. and you get the combo of having an ammmaazzinnggg year, plenty free time which allows you to tour the country, close to the train so that means cheaper transportation, no night classes which is a plus cuz it gives you time to get things done at night, and the teachers are amazing!!! they are so warm and sweet!!! they dont have too much work and all the classes are soo interesting! the aim bayits are nice. the dorm is okay, managable. best school!!!


    Try Rebbetzin David’s place, BJJ.


    Dear Peanuts

    Thank you for your recomendation. About the free time: Does Seminar tackle the same amount of Kodesh than other schools do which have less free time? What about the sem’s location? (pros and cons)How many girls are there and what made you choose Sara Shnirer instead of other ones that you were looking into?

    Thank you for answering.



    Dear Jothar

    I know that most applicants for BS also enrolled for BJJ but I also know that BJJ is at least slightly more difficult or hard individual work than BS. So rather not, but thans anyway.



    Dear Busy As A Bee

    Right, and I need to get the application form, too 😀

    Do you think I should also apply to another one at the same time or rather wait until I get accepted respectively rejected?



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