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    Ichud Mosdos Hachinuch of Brooklyn can use your help – and all it takes is a click of your mouse to vote for our teacher’s submission.

    Malka Bergstein, one of our teachers, submitted an entry for a grant in which the top reward is 3 now!Boards. A now!Board has the ability to change any flat surface into a Smart!Board. As a special education teacher, I’ve used the Smart!Board while teaching and it’s amazing! I found that it enabled me to engage my LD students into the lesson they were otherwise not interested in participating in; it helped them understand abstract material in a concrete manner. Winning this grant would mean a lot to the Ichud program! We need everyone’s help to accomplish this.

    The way this grant works is with votes. So please go to and vote for Malka Bergstein’s “Virtual field trip/descriptive essay”.

    Please pass on this information to as many people as you can. A grant like this can make a HUGE difference to our students.

    Thank you in advance!


    I didn’t read all the postings, but this link is much better than the one with the leading votes. It seems to be a rally of who can get the most votes. So why not support a Yeshiva?

    simcha man

    If you read the instructions, it’s one vote per valid email address. So if you have a few email addresses…


    Miss L. Aneous – thanks for your compliment and your vote of course.

    simcha man – you’re right it goes only by email address.

    We’re the only frum school there so if everyone could help us with their vote(S) it would be very much appreciated!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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