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    yossi z.

    On one hand it is nice to know that there are people out there who keep an eye out for me and pay attention to me. At the same time, too much of a good thing is a really big annoyance. Why is it when I have had it with shidduchim, all of a sudden shadchanim start popping up out of the woodwork? Where were you people when I actually could have used you? Now it is too late and I just want you to bug off! Maybe some time later like when I get over things. Phsheesh!

    *end rant*


    Yossi, I knowing ahh grreat gherl, she is bootiful, ehs iz mahn einekel, yuh azoi zees, esiz mommoish tzigipast, you vood luving her, you seem like such a fine young man you reminding me of mine udder einekel she is smart,and vhat a balabusta, she making the best hulupshes and grivinses I showing you picterrs….

    Good luck Yossi


    Me? Bug you?? OK. I’ll leave you alone. (for five hours or until Mods get back, whichever is less)


    Yossi z- I second that!


    Yossi, I feel your pain.

    However, please remember that Shidduchim come from Hashem and not from the Shadchan. You never know when He will send you the right one.

    This doesn’t imply that you should go on a date with every girl they redt, but if something looks good from the research you did, you should try to pursue it.

    Or you can do the Beshow process instead 😉

    Hatzlacha and may we hear good news from you very soon!

    ☕️coffee addict

    Murphy’s Law

    (also when you go on a date all of a sudden a bunch of shadchanim call you)


    at the end of the day 2 is better than one… face it.. and dance with the music… or rather we should say, face the music…

    (while it’s still on…)

    Hatzlocha with it all.. may you be Zoiche to split the sea bekorov!!!

    yossi z.

    Thanks people, I needed that. Both the laughs and support.

    😀 Zuberman! 😀

    a mamin

    Shidduchim can be extremely frustrating, unfortunately. But you really need to keep up your emunah and bitochin!! Know that your basherte is also waiting….. for you…. Bezras Hashem, may your basherte come very quickly!!


    i’ve heard that before the bas kol announces “bas ploni l’ploni” all the malachim give “suggestions” regarding the shidduch of the neshama. before a shidduch is made, the neshama has to have all those names suggested. be’ezras Hashem, this flurry of activity and suggetions will hasten the time till you meet your zivug amiti.

    yossi z.

    Yet there is still the massive amounts of pain to work through. Also, when you are so close to getting engaged, twice (two different girls), relatively not too far apart from each other …


    each one brings you closer to your bashert. may it come speedily without any more pain!! May the girl that is destined for you be far greater in everyway than any other girl you have ever dated, BEKOROV!!! May you be zoiche to build a solid life time BNB!! AMEN!! with much health, wealth, and prosperity.

    Wishing you much hatzlocha and brocha in EVERYTHING that comes your way!!

    I know it’s hard to say this when things aren’t going 100% the way you WANT them to go, however hashem is always there waiting for you to call out to Him. Have TRUE bitchen, do your hishtadlus and leave the rest up to hashem, trust me, it works!


    Did you ever discuss your shidduchim issues with your Rosh Yeshiva or are you doing things the way you feel is right? What is the opinion of your parent(s), if involved?

    yossi z.

    I am going through matters with my parents.

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