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    please, everyone, i need your help. my grandmother has been in and out of the hospital for the past few months. you know how it goes, first it was one thing, then another, then another developed from that….so it’s been quite busy in my house. our schedules revolve around my grandmother, my father sleeps with my grandmother over shabbosim and every night when she is at the hospital….

    anyway, no, i’m not looking for sympathy, but here is my request:

    my grandmother was told yesterday (baruch H-Shem we were there when this happened)by her doctor, who i might add, has absolutely no bedside manner, that she would never be able to drink and eat again- yes, you read correctly- never for the rest of her life. obviously, my grandmother was quite shocked, to say the understatement of the century, and she became very extremely upset and sad. she has been having so many problems lately, she’s weak and tired, basically she is sick of being sick, and on top of all this, she had to hear this news, which had her in tears.

    please please, i know that the doctor was just saying things from his point of view as a doctor. my grandmother is in her 70s and b’ezras H-Shem will live many more years. H-SHEM IS THE ROFEI CHOLIM, NOT THE DOCTOR! i know, he’s the shaliach, but obviously, H-Shem has the ultimate say in how things will go.

    please if everyone could take on like 5-7 perakim of tehillim to say every day, i wanna try to do this until yom kippur, because all we need is RACHAMEI SHAMAYIM! please please if you could do this for me and my family, we would really appreciate it. one cannot imagine what it’s like to not eat or drink for years (obviously she is on tube feeding, but she has nothing going into her mouth, her throat is dry…)

    if you are able to do this, please respond and write down what perakim you could do- and remember it’s till yom kippur. i’ll start off with aleph through yud. i’d like to start tomorrow, Thursday, august 12 (just to be sure i have enuf ppl saying so that we can finish tehillim once every day, cuz if not on here, i’m going to call some friends) Thanks in advance and in the z’chus of this tehillim may you be zoche that H-Shem should shower upon you and your loved ones the bracha of continuous health and happiness. The name for tehillim is YEHUDIS BAS CHANA MINDEL. Thank you very much!


    i will do yud alef until tes vov (including tes vov) bli neder

    refua shileima!


    thanx misterhock! guys, i’m bringing this back up to the top, it’s really important to me!


    misterhock, i really thank you very much, but apparently, not enuf ppl will be saying tehillim in a way that we would be able to finish many times by the time yom kippur comes around, so right now, just say some tehillim. if more ppl sign up that’s great, i’ll try to get some of my friends to do it. if anything changes, i’ll let you know.

    thanks again so so much!


    i would really like to commit, but i’m a little nervous i’ll forget, so i’ll say, BLI NEDER i’ll dedicate the shirei hamaalot that i say every day anyway to practice my Hebrew reading, to refuah shelaima for your grandmother. refuah shelaima!!!

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