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    Hey, wait (pun intended) a minute. I bought a computer to speed things up for me, not that I should have to wait for it.

    No! You wait for me…


    What are you waiting for?


    I was waiting (and waiting and waiting and..) for the privilege to continue using my computer. Obviously he (maybe she) had a kinah and taavoh for kavod, that I wait for it.


    Waiting while the computer was________


    MODs, isn’t that question sort of snooping, prying, soliciting? If I tell him what I was waiting for, he’d find out my address, my age, gender, hair color, how many fingers I have…

    OK, I’ll tell you anyways. I was waiting for an entire directory with over 20,000 (or was it 2,000,000) files to change ownership. I then had to copy those files onto another computer (hours…).

    And prior to that I had to run a lengthy virus scan, wouldn’t want to infect a brand new computer.

    So now you know.


    i thought this post was about the mods approving posts (jk)


    i thought this post was about the mods approving posts (jk)

    There are plenty of those threads already! (And I’m not jk!)


    Frogs have four fingers on their front legs and 5 toes on their hind legs.

    I am not sure how many Little Froggies have, though!!

    We’ve all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. But what would a Little Froggie banging on his/her brand new fast/slow computer produce?


    You bring back my deleted posts…

    Thank you, I am waiting VERY patiently!



    you see


    ca: B”H I do see. But what do you see that you want me to see?


    Wow SiDi, do people (humans) REALLY read my posts (and everything contained in them)?!?

    What you get when a Little Froggie pounds away with most of ten fingers on a sleepy computer is a mish-mash (hogwash) of epic proportions. Such as thus.

    <Please Wait While This Gets Posted>



    shoppings post, i wasnt the only one who thoughti t was about approving posts


    Wow SiDi, do people (humans) REALLY read my posts

    Yes Froggie, I REALLY read your post and I enjoy them! And yes, I am human (I think!!)

    (and everything contained in them)?!?

    I try to read everything contained in posts and I try not to comment if I didn’t. I dislike when people comment without reading the entire article or post (like when people comment just by reading the title).


    coffee addict, I actually thought the same thing!


    LF, I love you here!!

    Don’t leave!!!!

    Once upon a time I too used to get on the mods nerves….

    I got banned once for just driving them crazy. 😉

    I believe it’s a rare talent.


    Thank you, Shopping. I didn’t really say (or indicate) I was leaving.


    LittleFroggie, what’s all this about your supposed controversial nature? I haven’t seen anything… oh, right, I wouldn’t, would I?

    Question(s): Do posts have to be approved before people can see them now? And has it always been that way?

    Posts are always approved before others can see them. When they are approved, they will no longer be yellow by you.-79


    Controversial? No. Deep down, really deep (deepest of the deep) I’m really amiable, pleasant, courteous.

Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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