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    Every so often somebody dismisses a conversation as being silly “This should be klal yisroels biggest problem this year.” or want a thread closed “because it is clearly going nowhere ”

    I’m not disagreeing, many (most?) conversations here are quite silly and they often go nowhere (though the vaccine one is by far the silliest and most circular/repetitive discussion I’ve been in, and I’ve been in some that had their titles relabeled to reflect how silly the conversations got)

    But I dont understand why people care, so others are (obviously) enjoying themselves with a silly conversation, what is it to you? You don’t even have to open up said thread, Can someone please help me understand this

    (Not the mods, I cant imagine how boring it must be, thanks to you as well)


    Good point, ubiq. It is the same principal when, to take an example, someone is fighting to promote tznius in the community and some people start yelling that isn’t the biggest problem in klal yisroel.


    Thank you for an example.

    Although they are quite ubiquitous.


    “Although they are quite ubiquitous.”

    Out of the top 10 posts there are only 2 that interest me and of those one of them got boring.
    SO I just don’t open them, I dont comment in each “why are you discussing this, this is pointless”

    Im surprised nobody wrote that here yet, I know its coming. Its the kind of hilarious post some posters cant resist

    I’m so glad we agree. Its exactly like silly people who love harping on tznius. nu nu let them have their fun why should it bother anybody . I’m glad we agree


    There’s logic and there’s emotion.

    Most people are unaware of their subtle emotional pulls, despite the fact that these emotional pulls are controlling their behavior and their beliefs as well.

    sometimes it may be an emotional pull to acquire something. The job of logic here would be to find a reason to make it happen…

    sometimes it may be an emotional pull towards something threatening, such as an accusation or belief that they don’t want to agree to, but deep down they know is true. The job of logic here would be to rationalize dismissing this belief or issue.

    if you find someone making a logical argument, dig below that for a subtle emotional pull that’s driving that argument.

    catch yourself


    The reason people do this is that we are not careful enough about צניעות.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    But I dont understand why people care, so others are (obviously) enjoying themselves with a silly conversation, what is it to you?

    You have your fun going in circles about first responders and vaccines, and they have their fun complaining about you going in circles. They’re obviously enjoying themselves. I don’t understand why you care. What is it to you?


    “What is it to you?”

    Lol, I hear. though:

    1. It ruins the flow of the thread
    why can’t they start their own thread in which they complain about all the pointless threads out there

    2. I don’t want it to shut down my fun. as one poster wrote “I formally ask you to shut down this thread” why? Just dont open it This seems like more than just enjoyment of a silly comment. That comment seems to be someone really bothered by other’s conversation.
    (unless of course that is part of the enjoyment to make it sound like they actually care about shutting down other people’s fun)


    Lol, you’re probably right

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Ubiq – i completely agree. When there are threads that bore me or are pointless i just don’t open them. And if they could’ve interested me but became pointless, i just try to perk up a different thread. Why anyone needs to tell other people to stop is beyond me as well. Provided it isnt hurting anyone, of course.


    Sometimes pointless conversations lead to lashon hara or a lack of tznius, such as when people say that a particular group lacks tznius, or when they describe a lack of tznius in highly specific detail.

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