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    I have two Amex cards, one offers 6% back on groceries and 3% on gas and the other 4.5 points per dollar on groceries and 3 points per dollar on gas. Now obviously for groceries i will be using the cash back. I travel alot for a living, and fill up my tank almost everyday sometimes twice. For someone who likes to airtravel alot, what is the better option?

    On the tzad of points, Each Amex point can be used for travel and is valued at one cent. In that sense it is equivalent with the flexibility of transferring them to airline or hotel points which youncan get great value out of them if you know what your doing.

    But all the opinions i hear are to go for cash back


    There are several websites which provide very useful calculators to assist you in the arbitrage decisions between points versus cash back (just use google search since I cannot post URLs here).. Having been an Amex member for many years, I’ve watched as the points have been “devalued” such that its more cost-effective to book on hotel and airline sites directly. The best option on air travel (if you have a higher level FF status which I assume you do if you travel frequently) is to buy the cheapest economy seat available and use points to upgrade to business class. Otherwise, cash back is the better option in most cases.

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    3 points per dollar is the same as 3% cash back isn’t it?

    So why do you think points are better?


    Take the cash.
    I and clients have been burnt when we have points banked and the airline, hotel company, car rental company either go out of business or merge and the points either become worthless or worth less.


    @coffee addict since amex points can be transferred to other airlines, and they have potential to get more value from them. An example is right now you can transfer your amex to British airways and get 40% more till october. You would have to run the nimbers to see if its worth it, but thats an wxample

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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