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    I just watched the video on the Home page, “WATCH THE BODY-CAM FOOTAGE: Rayshard Brooks Grabs Taser From Atlanta Officer, Is Shot Dead And Then Riots”.

    It makes me wonder about the quality of the physical training given to police officers. How does that guy get away from the two officers? When he starts resisting, instead of depending on a taser, which doesn’t seem that reliable, why didn’t they immobilize him with a punch to the kidneys or groin, or use an arm or leg lock?

    Of course it’s easy to criticize while sitting here at a desk. But isn’t that kind of training essential for police officers?


    Barber school- 1400 hours of training
    Police academy in the US- 840 hours of training

    Police in the UK- 2000 hours of training


    Do you know what training they are given when someone is legally intoxicated (BAL a reported .108)?


    Why would being intoxicated matter?


    I have been saying for a long time that police officers need more training than they typically get in the US. They need better pay, too.


    Barbers need less training. Police need more training, but accountability is more important.


    I don’t know what physical training NYC police get but many don’t look in particularly great shape and probably would be good for them to be physically stronger so they can better deal with a resisting person and would not then resort to using weapons. Maybe their training should be more like boot camp for the military


    Maybe their training should be more like boot camp for the military

    Military boot camp, at least in the case of the Army, is mostly focused on endurance for long walks and runs, and accurately shooting people with rifles.

    For police work, I would think that intensive martial arts training would be more useful.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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