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    Assuming neither Biden or Trump were to run in 2024 (whether due to age, better $$ options outside of government, illness or federal “custodianship”) who would be your preferred option as the nominee for the Democratic and Republican candidate for the Presidency such that you would bench goimel if the candidate from your side won but not have to engage in political Kriah and leave the country if the other candidate won? In simple terms, from the perspective of substance and merit, who would be the best choices for the country in 2024 (w/o the hyperbole that there is no R or no D that you could ever vote for).

    ☕️coffee addict

    Republican: cruz, desantis

    Democrat: I don’t know much about their policies to know who’s really in the center


    I am afraid that there will be lots of R-s that will talk like Trump but without his business and negotiation skills. We don’t need that, but it could be popular. I would then vote for a more mainstream R- like Rubio or even Romney, despite the latter showing bad judgment in last 5 years.


    R: Cruz, Desantis

    D: Joe Manchin


    R: Scott walker, mike pence.
    D: John Kasich (Yes, i know…….)

    maybe also jim webb, don’t know much abt him

    Reb Eliezer

    The problem is John Kasich is a Republican but he can run as such or Liz Chenney.


    Yes I agree. Cruz or DeSantis R
    Manchin D.
    I hope we can survive until the next election.


    There is absolutely nobody that I would bentch gomel if he won. In the end there will be plenty of garbage no matter who wins. The question is how much and how bad.

    For Republicans I would want someone Desantis, Halley , Pence, Walker or a guy who isn’t a career politician like Ben Carson. (That would be true of either party but a non-career politician has no chance among the Democrats)

    For the Democrats I would want Joe Manchin or John Delany (Delany is a former democratic congressman who ran in the 2020 primaries. Had he won would have been from the few Democratic nominees I would have voted for on a national level. During the debates he was talking common sense to which our VP K Harris “brilliantly” responded with “those are Republican talking points so I won’t address them”)


    Mike Pence would certainly make an excellent candidate and superb President. I should have included him.

    Scott Walker is also excellent.


    Problem with people like Cruz that they are talkers. There is no evidence that I know of that he can manage anything. Same as Barack or Brandon.

    Joe Lieberman just had an oped in WSJ that Senate should go back to regular order and deal with issues instead of playing politics. Maybe he can run, from either party.


    Let’s all pray that Biden lives until January 20, 2025 and that his dementia doesn’t become too much worse that the communist socialist far-left Harris gets anywhere near any real power.


    Republican: DeSantis and then Haley
    Democratic: Tulsi Gabbard


    Let’s first see how Desantis survives this election cycle.

    Sad, but Scott Walker is not coming back to politics.


    And either way no Gomel from me.

    bored_teen 💕

    Ron DeSantis- He seems to have the leadership skills that are needed. He has the Trump courage without the immaturity/constantly shoving his foot in his mouth.
    A Democrat I wouldn’t mind having in power- probably Tulsi Gabbard because she’s very moderate and knows how to criticize her own party.
    I agree that Pence would make a great president but I don’t think he’d be able to win because of his religious believes make him seem a little radical.


    John Delaney, former MD Congressman would be a great choice for the Dems, but for the “electability” factor. If I recall correctly, he started his campaign for 2020 before any of the other Dems, spent a lot of his money, visited EVERY county in Iowa and still couldn’t gain any traction (less than 1 percent of the primary vote) before dropping out. On substance, he was among the best with good ideas, and a private sector track record.


    Rubio and Cruz have proven themselves to be quintessential politicians. Although their policies are good, their character is not. Desantis was showing hopeful signs, then exposed himself when he signed that bill in Brandon.
    Why can’t any politician be good and mature? And then electable?

    Delaney supports the obergefell v hodges verdict. Anyone who supports that besides for being an extreme danger to civil liberties, also has no business writing law (and certainly not interpreting law).


    Participant, I don’t know much about desantis, but I liked Brandon shtick. Funny and harmless. Less sure about his COVID policies, some sounds good, others may be political at the expense of health. His educational policies look good. Yes, he might have some governance experience but not as sharp as Trump’s.


    Seems like the biggest factor will be the degree to which the Rs can move beyond Trump (and the Trump waanabees) and find a principled conservative and whether the Ds can avoid a contest as to who among them is the most “woke’ and promises to give away the most “free stuff”.
    Sadly, I’m not optimistic that either is a likely outcome


    Gadol > Rs can move beyond Trump (and the Trump waanabees) and find a principled conservative

    I think you are right on D “free stuff” context and I also do not see how it can be avoided, once the sharks smell the (free) blood in the water already, but I think you are misreading R- direction. Trump disturbed R-s rules of the game and was proven right in most cases: discarding polite campaigning and not responding to lies by Romney; fear of recognizing Yerushalaim; free (one-sided) market with China; ISIS; Ukraine; 5 years for vaccines, taxes, making D- into a pretzel by eliminating SALT; increasing Spanish vote. So, any future R leader has to integrate these new ideas somehow, it is impossible to go back. Even Biden recognizes it and continues many policies whenever he is not pressed by Commies.


    “but I liked Brandon shtick. Funny and harmless.”
    Harmless enough, I guess. You don’t think it a tad childish to somehow allude to cursing out the president?

    “Seems like the biggest factor will be the degree to which the Rs can move beyond Trump (and the Trump waanabees) and find a principled conservative and whether the Ds can avoid a contest as to who among them is the most “woke’ and promises to give away the most “free stuff”.”
    How did you surmise that based on the above posts?
    The only one who mentioned disdain for Trump was AAQ. Anyone who opts for Cruz obviously doesn’t care that much.
    And which post led u to write what the Ds have to do?


    Participant > You don’t think it a tad childish

    Given the crudeness of today’s politics, no. I think recent politics shows that playing nice and appealing to philosophical ideas is ont enough to win elections. Romney was a perfectly decent candidate -gov & business experience, grasp of international matters, moderate, moral. Had all kind of crazy and dirty stuff told about him. He himself understood the problem – with almost a majority of the country being recipients of government largesse, hard to win elections. So, you need passion and emotions, and references to other side weaknesses to win.

    Johnny Picklesauce

    I hold Teddy Roosavelt should win the next election, being that he’s such a nice man, really good to the Jews, and the Teddy bear is even named after him! He rocks, lemaysa.


    I don’t think Teddy can win an election now, he would not be progressive enough!

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