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    anon for this

    This is not about the current presidential election, but rather a survey that’s historical in nature.

    Which losing presidential candidate from the past century do you think would have made a great president and why? This includes candidates who have lost either on the primary level or in the general election, and third-party candidates too. To avoid discussion of the current presidential election (since we already have topics for that), please include only candidates from previous election cycles. If your favorite losing candidate from the past would not have been a great president then but would be a great president now, please write why.

    I’ll post my candidate in a little while.

    lammed hey

    William Jennings Bryan

    One of the greatest Americans in politics ever. 🙂


    Dewey? Haha.


    Al[bert Arnold] Gore[, Jr].

    Would have been good for Israel, as he was pro- them, and great for our environment.

    anon for this

    Thanks for all the responses.

    My choice is much more obscure: the late Illinois Senator Paul Simon. He ran in the 1988 Democratic primary but didn’t get far in a crowded field; Dukakis got the nomination & lost to George H. W. Bush.

    I think he had a lot of qualifications that made him a good candidate then & make me wish we had someone like him running now. He built a small-town newapaper into a chain of 14 newspapers & used it to campaign agaisnt crime & government corruption. He served in the Army during the Korean War & throughout his career on the state & national level he was known for his bipartisanship & success in working with Republicans. He was a fiscal conservative who campaigned for civil rights & against violence & obscenity in the media. He also was a university professor & author of over 20 books, & was considered to be pro-Israel.

    Unfortunately all most people remember about him is the bow tie & the funny name.

    Joseph & lammed hey, please write why you chose those candidates.

    lammed hey


    William Jennings Bryan was the lawyer at the Scopes Trial (25 years after he had last run for office!) He was also a strong speaker on the need for morality, even as a Democrat.

    And at this point (if he were alive today), he would have more experience than all of the other candidates combined.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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