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    Even if Republicans win House in 2022 and WH in 2024, will things get better? America has seen its best days.


    No, things will get much worse. Kiss your religious freedom goodbye

    ☕️coffee addict

    Better? Yes

    How it was? Probably not


    Aloe let me tell to you the way it has to go. We gunnu have to make a satmer organization to sponsor the campaign for Trump and he will get kushner to become satmer and then we have free satmer fleish

    ☕️coffee addict


    Religious freedom doesn’t mean critical race theory


    CA: CRT is a great social wedge issue invoked by a lot of really mindless Trump waanabees who have no clue what it means and even less awareness that it is virtually nonexistent in curricula of most public schools at the elementary and high school level (even in Blue States). However, as we have seen in recent elections in Virginia and elsewhere, it WORKS to generate both campaign contributions and votes.


    think good and it will be good.


    People yelling at each about how to run the government is actually a good thing. If you want a place where everyone acts respectful to the government, try North Korea. If you think its bad now, look at the past (a hundred years ago, most good Jews were open to Jews, as long as they worked Shabbos, changed their names and were baptized – when a frei Jews was appointed to a major office, it was considered very radical – serious Torah education for an American usually involved a trip, often taking weeks, to a yeshiva in Europe – openly anti-Semitic groups were considered to be politically respectable in the US), and stop whining.


    Gadol > CRT is a great social wedge

    It has substance. You can grapple with a specific “CRT” wording, but it is a fact that schools do propaganda, in many cases left-wing one. If you want to be talking to people with different views, it would be helpful if you recognize the facts before arguing an opinion.


    AAQ: some good points but you also miss the growing trend in some deep Red jurisdictions (state and local) to actually engage in their own perverse cancel culture by enacting legislation that would literally “neutralize” discussion of slavery in the same way that stupid Texas school administrator insisted her teachers had to present “both sides” of the holocaust. Its one thing to avoid indoctrinating younger student with “guilt” for the embedded racism in America’s founding and lasting to some extent through today but to restrict teaching of the basic facts of slavery and post-civil war racism in U.S. history is the functional equivalent of Holocaust Denial to Black Americans (and I’m usually the one complaining about using the Shoah as a analogy to anything).


    There are productive ways to deal with CR: Soth Carolina is considering bill that will require schools to post detailed curriculum. This sounds like a great idea for transparency – along with testing (for knowledge, not just covid).


    The only reason to not teach CRT is if it teaches false history.

    Why would a white student in 2022 feel bad because of what happened in the 1700 – 1800’s?

    Strangely, there are people who are still racists in 2022 and very proud of it.


    Have you ever seen me mention CRT?
    In my school days it referred to a Cathode Ray Tube…..the picture screen of your television or computer monitor

    anonymous Jew

    GH. The Virginia DOE website clearly stated that CRT was being taught in public schools. The left misrepresents the opposition to CRT, as you did. Slavery is part of our past and should be part of the history taught in school. Martin Luther King believed people should be judged on their character, not skin color. CRT often seeks to divide , by race, and by defining whites as inherently racist.

    CTlawyer, do you actually think that the party that allows anti Semitic pronouncements by the Squad to go unpunished , and banned outdoor church and synogogue services because of covid while allowing BLM protests is the party of religious rights?


    Saying that whites are inherently racist is not a historical fact nor is it historically true in early America.
    How does CRT explain the abolitionist movement and the civil war where whites fought to abolish slavery?



    ” banned outdoor church and synogogue services because of covid ”
    I call out your lie,
    The PARTY has/had no power to ban anything. Bans were put in place by elected state and municipal officials according to emergency powers granted by state legislatures.
    Last April, those gathering bans were ordered by CT Governor Lamont (D) and our next door neighbor, MA Governor Baker (R).

    Get it out of your head that every action by a member of a party means it is the official stance of the party, or even that the party takes such a stance.

    Right now in CT, Mandatory mask wearing inside buildings besides schools and Government offices is a decision made by the municipal chief executive. My Town, led by a D does not have a mask mandate, the 4 contiguous towns led by Rs do have mask mandates.


    Gadol > in some deep Red jurisdictions

    I am sure this is also happening. The path on both sides, seems to be – we will counter their lies with our lies, and then double them. This is not going to end well. At least as public schools are going, they are funded by the taxpayers and should generally reflect taxpayers’ will (which may differ by state).

    A typic al example would be a US government high school class where in one of the first classes the teacher starts explaining that Senate is not representative and he wishes that would be changed. I am sure this is his opinion and he is very sincere. Still, this is not what he was hired for. But a possible solution is not that hard:
    1) publish curriculum
    2) do random testing of students and see if an abnormal number of them hold biased opinions

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