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    As a person only on the web for a short amount of time each day. I was Curious in taking a Honest poll & finding out, whats the ratio/percentage of people that go back to 1)see if their blog that they wrote was approved on [any website] & posted & 2)whats the ratio/percentage of how many people go back to their blog to see if anyone wrote a reply back to them about the blog they wrote.

    Do you go back to your blog for any of these reasons or for both? or do most people just write & then just forget about it?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I don’t check to see if it was posted but I will definitely check to see if someone responded.


    Did you mean your “post”? What you write is not a blog. It’s a post on a message board. There’s a difference.


    I don’t know if I count (I’m officially not really a “person” here), I sometimes go back to check if it went in. Especially if it was a long one, and I worked on it.



    Hey, did my previous post make it in?




    Just wanted to see if your algorithmic ratio computation formula data changed.


    I assume people do, since they usually respond later on.


    Hey Mods. I always thought you were of the kindest, most considerate bunch. Are you trying to change my perception?!? Anything wrong with what I wrote? (good thing a I came back to check)

    A little mod humour


    Oh! WOW!! That’s a new one – undeleted (why didn’t I ever think of that). Thanks for putting it back.

    Do mods really have humor? And I thought they were the most straight, serious, solemn (glum and gloomy) people the globe has to offer. Do they actually laugh at the things that go on here? WOW!!


    i check if someone responds


    I check if my THREADS are posted.

    And I check if anyone replied.

    Shopping613 🌠

    I check posts, I don;t post that often anyway anymore….

    in the olden days I’d check the CR every 6 hours and write a little more…


    Now I come in to check if an ad is blocking.


    How often do you go back to check on the recent post you wrote in a newsletter to see if someone else replied to you and what you wrote?

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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