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    Does the store made food at Pomegranate taste better than the same food sold in other kosher supermarkets?

    And is Pomegranate more expensive (for the non-store made “stock”/shelf brands) than other supermarkets (Kollel, Moishas, etc.)?


    WR: It’s a raging debate. I like KRM food about the same. Pomegranate is somewhat healthier and you have more choice, but it’s way more expensive (it doesn’t feel like that when you’re shopping, but when they ring it up, it can add like $20 for the same foods). KRM spicy olives are the best, as is their chopped liver.

    KRM and Moishe’s are the same store, FYI.


    This year prior to Pesach instead of going to KRM for the big shopping spree, we went to Aron’s on Kissena Boulevard:- Also a cheaper store, but with a bigger car park where they bring your boxes to your car trunk. Furthermore, they segregated perishiables into a separate box, so we only had to unload 1 box immedeately, being late at nite, and could unload the other boxes on a subsequent day.


    i happen to love going to gourmet glatt in bp. they are very accommodating and have valet parking.

    i find that pomegranet has a large selection of foods gered to sefardi which would have made more work for me to see what i can or cant buy for pesach as we do not eat kitniyos.

    i went to seasons on main street this morning and i try to only buy what is on sale there . their prices are high too.

    i really think my fav is the gourmet glatt on 39th st in bp

    Jersey Jew

    Problem with both of them (and Gourmet Glatt BP) is parking …. or lack thereof!


    gg in bp has valet parking. i have used them sevaral times and been satisfied

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Pomegranate is a total ripoff.

    That’s unfair; they’re not selling the exact same product; the shopping experience is different (and that would hold up in beis din in an ona’ah case).


    Many people go to Pomegranate for specialty food items that can’t be purchased elsewhere.

    I don’t know of too many people who do their normal shopping there.

    I generally shop wherever is cheapest, obviously buying cheeses, cold cuts, meats, deli, certain frozen items, etc. only from kosher markets.

    Eggs, milk, pierogies, ice cream, vegetables, oil, etc. I generally buy from Key Food, C Town, or any host of cheap stores.

    Mr Sfardi

    DaasYochid: face the fact that they are way overpriced. In moishas or KRM the same products are literally 1/2 the price. I agree with rebdonial “I dont know too many people who do their normal shopping there”.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I highly doubt the prices are literally double (although I haven’t personally shopped there, other than stoping in for a danish once, I know people who have, and they say it’s more expensive, but not nearly double). Are you comparing regular prices with sale prices?

    I might not recommend it for a shopper on a budget, but some people feel it’s worth paying extra for the convenience and service, maybe even double.


    I think the produce guys at KRM could beat the guys over at Pomegranate in a game of touch football any day of the week.

    “Pomegranate is a total ripoff.”

    Not sure how many issurim this statement violates, but need I remind everyone we are in the middle of sefira?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Not sure how many issurim this statement violates

    I agree. I think it’s not merely L”H, I think it’s motzi shem ra, and whatever issurim may be involved in negatively impacting one’e parnassah.


    I agree.

    Same here. Mods, please delete the offending statement.

    I have a relative who went to Pomegranate to shop for the first time and was very impressed by the ambiance. Comparing it to KRM (Big bulk in Boro Park, I imagine?) seems to me exactly like comparing Costco to Whole Foods or Trader Joes.

    Apples to silver polish.

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