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    I have noticed in the past year that many of the young men in our frum communities are wearing their hair in a Pompadour. I think it looks ridiculous and, worse, it is just another instance of our community copying from the goyim. I know there are many critical issues to discuss; those are already being talked about in other threads.


    Young people crave individuality. In the secular world they accomplish this with tattoos and piercings.
    I’m sorry you think it looks ridiculous. I’m sure plenty of people look back at how they looked or dress in their youth and find it bizarre too. We grow up and realize some of the decisions we made as kids may not have been the best. They will grow up, too. You could try asking a young man, in a non confrontational manner. You may be surprised by what you hear.

    Ari Knobler

    Meh. They were saying the same thing about the ducktail back in my day.


    There are more important issue with kids these days than turning them off over a hair style.


    They see theowback pictures of some of the biggest gedolim of the last 50 years and they figure that this specific hairstyle helped the gedolim become gedolim.


    @op, I really envy you, that you have no other concerns in the world


    It comes from a few frum but on the fringe music entertainers who wear this style & every kid at risk is copying them. They look ridiculous but if a cool DJ has it on social media then thousands of gullible frum kids will follow. Kids with low self esteem who are not doing well scholastically are the first to fall.


    I wish I had enough hair to grow a Pompadour.

    As I tell my grandchildren when they complain about their hair, humidity, static electricity, etc.

    Better a bad hair day, than a no hair day!


    What is a pompadour? please enlighten the unlearned.

    Amil Zola

    I see very few pompadours when Im in areas that are densely populated by frum Jews. I do see men with a variation of a fade with a slightly longer top. These are far from pompadours. And regardless, who really cares? Its not like theyre trying to keep a kippah on while sporting a mohawk.


    One real old timer brought in another.

    I don’t think this type of issue has much online currency anymore.

    Some mentors of teenage boys today will promote any hairstyle that does not fade to a zero.


    Helps with the Shidduch crisis.

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