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    According to the CDC:
    “Drowning is responsible for more deaths among children 1-4 than any other cause except congenital anomalies (birth defects). Among those 1-14, fatal drowning remains the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death behind motor vehicle crashes.Apr 28, 2016”
    I don’t think a summer goes by without a pool related tragedy in the frum community.
    Please ensure pools are sufficiently gated & locked. Children need to be supervised every moment they are in or near a pool. Let’s do our part to make this a tragedy free summer Rachm”l.


    Pools are more dangerous than guns.


    Sorry, RY23 – guns are much more dangerous and kill a lot more people. HOWEVER there are major problems with pools and children. I just watched the video on YWN about the two-year-old who climbed up the “child-proof” gate and might have drowned if his parents hadn’t been around. It was horrifying.

    Most of these tragedies didn’t need to happen. We don’t think, or we think, like the people who leave kids in hot cars, that “a couple of minutes will be OK.”

    A couple of minutes is never OK, and might be the cause of a lifetime of regret. Learn pool safety, make sure your pool is safe, and keep an eagle eye on any child anywhere near the water.

    Let’s have a summer with no child drownings this year.


    Depends how you use them, of course.


    I was wondering what people here think about teaching babies to keep afloat (for a short while) aka Infant Swim/Self Rescue.

    It seems really harsh, we’re talking 6 months and up, but the program has saved many lives. And unfortunately reality has shown we could use some “backup” when all else fails.

    I don’t know the cost of such training, but if I owned a pool I might have considered it a good investment.
    And if our community considered it good practice, we can even work on volunteer or low cost trainers.



    I’ve never heard of the Infant Swim/Self Rescue program, BUT we have an in-ground pool and both our parents had them as well. Mrs. CTL and I bought were in the pool our first year of life. All of our children and grandchildren were in the pool and being taught to swim, float and tread water the first summer after that they were at least three months of age.
    Mrs. CTL and I held ARC Water Safety Instructor certification as young adults and worked the waterfront at summer camp. Our kids were certified lifeguards and worked at camp and the JCC.
    We do not allow friends’ and family’s kids in our pool until they prove to us they can swim confidently.


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