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    Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone was spotted wearing a skirt emblazoned with the images of communist dictators Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin, as well as communist revolutionary Che Guevara.

    Iannarone is running to replace Wheeler, a Democrat, who trails her by 11 points in recent polling after he received 49% of the vote compared to Iannarone’s 24% in a May runoff primary election.

    “It’s good to oppose fascism,” Iannarone told Fox News’s Jesse Watters in September when asked why she refers to herself as the “antifa mayor.”

    So here we have a Democrat candidate for mayor running as the Antifa Mayor. Do your job YWN.


    Wheeler is a good centrist mayor who deserves support rather than derision. But thanks in part to ignorant internet commenters and far right inciters (including Trump) he may lose this election to an actual far left nutjob. There are no other candidates on the ballot.

    Somethign like this could repeat in NY if we keep up the vitriol against De Blasio and Cuomo.

    Amil Zola

    Trolling again?


    Ted Wheeler is hardly a centrist. He tacitly supported the antifa rioters by ordering the police to stand down while the rioters destroyed public and private property and threatened people.

    Even after his apartment building was nearly set ablaze by the rioters, he still did not crack down on them. Only when Trump and the DOJ deputized the Oregon State Police – this changing the crime from local jurisdictions to federal – did the violence subside.


    Trump sending armed thugs to Portland made what had been small scale protests into spectacular violence. His thugs even tear gassed Mayor Wheeler who was putting himself at risk trying to calm tthings down. The violence did not subside until the thugs were withdrawn.


    It’s called “law enforcement” !! Just imagine whose riots were taking place in front of your home! Would you really not want law enforcement at the scene??
    (Reconsider who your calling “thugs”!!!)


    “(Reconsider who your calling “thugs”!!!)”

    They mostly were NOT law enforcement officers but private security goons. And for even the ones that were real law enforcement officers, it is illegal for them to do anything other than to enforce FEDERAL law and to protect federal property. They used excessive force against unarmed protesters and they teargassed the mayor.


    B’H, Hillsdale is far away from the nonsense in pdx. Wheeler is a complete nutjob leftist that many in the city do not like, but he is better than his female communist opposition. Too bad Vancouver doesn’t have an eruv or community!


    @Charlie Hall, wake up and smell the coffee, the Democratic Party of Fritz Mondale, Ed Muskie, Pat Moynihan is over, the far left has taken over

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