Portraits of Contemporary Torah Leaders (Rebbes, Roshei Yeshivos, Rabbonim etc.

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    So I realized on the other thread that i really only find out about the Torah leaders of Am Yisrael mainly after we lose them and all the hespedim articles come out, and that’s a shame. So this thread is dedicated to all kreizin- ashkenazi, chassidish, litvish, sephardi etc posting portraits of the Torah greats that they know of.

    A portrait should include:
    1) Name
    2) Title
    3) What they’re known for/ description
    4) illustrative anecdote


    Here’s an example:

    1) Name Rav Y. Shusterman
    2) location (right forgot that): Beverly Hills LA
    3) Title: Rav and shliach
    4) claim to fame / Description: Unusual as combines both being a well known and respected Rav as well as a shliach himself. Aka the shluchims Rav as shluchim call him from all over the world with varied halachic and hashkafic questions. Known for blunt, to the point answers.
    5) Illustrative Anecdote: a couple who asked him to sort out their sholom bayis issues were voicing their complaints with each other. After hearing them out he told them their problem is that they’re on the maturity level of five year olds. They took this and the rest of his (more detailed) advice to heart, and it saved their marriage (they were both strong personalities and hadnt listened to more subtle types.)

    Now I’d like too hand the floor over to….?


    Is R. YY Jacobson like the Lubavitcher version of R. Pesach Krohn?


    Joseph yes I guess so. Anyhow I was looking forward to getting acquainted with all the leaders in klal Yisrael today….oh well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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