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    As a longtime american living in Yerushalayim, I call upon all YWN readers to work and ensure that Meir Porush will NEVER sit in the mayor’s office in City Hall.

    Whilst this may sound strange to some, I wish to explain…

    1) His burning desire to reach this office has already deeply upset many Gedolim including Rav Eliashiv shlita (reported in YWN) and his Rebbe, the Boyaner Rebbe shlita. This happened during the Beitar elections when Meir Porush went directly against the above two Gedolim who called upon him to stop interfering in those elections. He refused to listen to them and continued his plan of destruction to the town (investing NIS 4,000,000.00 at a time of financial hardship to so many!!) just to prove to Reb Yacov Litzman that he is worth something and can be a candidate for the mayor of Yerushalaym. He stooped so low that he had listening devices put into his Rebbe’s private rooms so that he could keep tabs on all the Rebbe’s plans that might affect his ideas. The Rebbe has since thrown him together with all his children and grandchildren out of all the Boyaner mosdos and has publicly called on his chassidim to break off all connections with him. Rav Eliashiv has refused to back him and is supposedly waiting for the ruling in Deri’s courtcase before deciding what to do.

    2) Whilst Porush has helped individuals on a personal basis (with visas, tickets, minor police problems etc.) what has he achieved in his life on a larger scale? In Knesset he is rather quiet and unheard, and previously as Councilman he was known as the political low dealer within Aguda but with almost nothing to show in real terms. When Lupoliansky arrived on the scene, he had successfully set up the largest medical equipment organisation (Yad Sara) in the world!! His five years in office only proved what a great choice he was. Do we need to revert to all the backroom underhand dealings so favoured by family Porush? We have had 5 years of peace, please save us from trouble!

    3) Where are the funds for his campaign coming from? So far he has rented 64 rooms in an expensive commercial property for his “Head Office” with plans for more in each area in Yerushalayim. His internet campaign is costing millions (he wont manage to beat Barkat in his home ground anyway) and loads of more grandiose plans still on the way. Perhaps Mr Porush you would like to answer this question or are the secrets of the Porush fortunes better left unsaid (they might just lead to a Police enquiry including your dear father too)

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