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    Despite eating all the right things (protein, complex carbs) I had stomach pains for a long time afterwards and couldn’t sleep at night.

    Anyone else have this issue? What post-fasting tips would help with this?


    As a rule, after a fast, I eat a small meal, slowly with a fair amount of liquid (including water).

    Then I go away from the table for an hour or two. After the initial meal has had a chance to digest, I go back for a second meal.

    I can’t guarantee that this will work for you, but it does for me.

    The Wolf


    don’t eat so much so fast


    I was very weak after the fast. I ate but probably didn’t drink enough and didn’t have enough of a sugary drink.

    I think I’m going to try to have more soups with grains (barley, ministrone) and drink more orange juice afterwards.

    Could it be that you ate too quickly??


    I ate the way I usually do. Maybe it was a stomach virus. Anyway, BH I feel better now.

    ready now

    Could it be an affliction from above for associating with the internet and CR? Could be. Happy you are feeling better.

    Ken Zayn

    I have a really long post to write but I can only post SO slowly, so I opened this thread for a tip on how to post fast. Can someone please give me a post fasting tip?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Oh – I thought it said fast-posting tips.


    I eat as much as I possibly can, and then roll away from the table like a beached whale and fall asleep on the couch. It works for me. Just make sure you are on the couch closer to the bathroom, and keep a bag next to you just in case.


    Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream.


    Syag Lchochma – thank you for the laugh!

    No one mentions bread with salt and vodka?


    It’s the day after the fast and I’m still feeling weak and have little to no appetite. (made it through the fast but very weak)

    Things I have already tried:

    Eating slowly

    Eating bread first

    Eating protein first

    Drinking first

    Drinking juice

    Taking a break after eating a little

    Please only give advice if it is not obvious or listed above.

    No one else has post-fasting problems? (as opposed to fast posting issues. 🙂 )

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Maybe try drinking a smoothie today. That’s usually easy to get down, even when you don’t have much appetite.


    Don’t run around or engage in strenuous activities. Give your body a chance to adjust.


    buy bottled water, it will be easier to drink.

    Stock Trader

    I only drink after a fast (which finishes late in the evening). I dont eat anything. I drink cold/room temp water, a coffee, hot chocolate, pureed soup, all easily digestible. This way I fall asleep easily. I wake up the next day hungry but BH I feel good this way. Good luck


    I broke Tzom with a glass of 10% alcohol chilled wine for Havdoloh, and then consumed chicken, as it is a Mitzwah to eat Besari after Yom Kippur.



    I also broke the fast with alcohol. Family tradition is to break on a shot of whiskey before leaving shul. On arrival home I had a cup of black coffee and after changing clothing I had a brisket sandwich with cole slaw.

    I did not have milchiges until the following morning.

    whiskey, black coffee, beef….as my father, grandfather and great grandfather always broke the fast.

    My wife had lox, bagel, whitefish, cream cheese….none of interests me.

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