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    I’m in a band that has a show booked for motezi Yom Kippur (Yom Kippur is over @ 7:03 and we don’t go onstage until 10:30)

    Does anyone have any advice for getting my energy level up very quickly within the 3 hours after the fast?

    I usually bounce back pretty quickly but it’s a bit different when you have an obligation to be all bouncy and full of energy after fasting for 25 hours.

    Looking forward to your responses


    A shot of whisky….



    I’ve got a feeling that I might have one or two of those through out the night but I’m guessing that right off the bat might knock me out

    am yisrael chai

    ok, so it’s still the summer & you’re planning for breaking your fast after Yom Kippur and I know someone who has already cooked for Rosh Hashana and I’m feeling desperately inadequate somehow…


    I for one have started Pesach cleaning


    Don’t overeat, as hard as it might be. I come home, wash on one roll, drink a glass of milk and build the sukkah on that and a couple cookies from shul. I used to eat a full meal first but I found that it caused me to get sick in the middle.


    @AM Yisroel Chai

    Believe me the rest of my yom tov plans have not been set, I’m just trying to get an idea of what would be a good meal to have or something to do so I can play this show without an incident


    im starting cheesecake for next shavuos. ill sell it for pesach.

    minyan gal

    I have already baked 6 dozen hamentaschen – 3 dozen with prune and 3 dozen with mohn. My second (pesachdik) freezer is full of food for the entire 8 days. I just finished making 12 dozen cabbage rolls with sweet and sour sauce – for Rosh Hashanah – next year. I think I will need a third freezer – then I can cook and bake for all the holidays for the next 5 years. In fact, my family will be able to have “Bubbie’s home style cooking” long after I am gone. I am just making sure that they will never forget me. They shall have Bubbie care packages to take home for all eternity.

    Moshe Kohn

    The shot of whiskey is sage advice.

    I used to take the cake and coffee route and suffer.

    Then a friend told me to break the fast with a shot of whiskey and hold off on the caffeine for a couple of hours. Although this sounded to me like inverse reasoning -I gave it a try, and have never regretted it since.


    cleverjewishpun – I’ll give you my medical opinion, if you do my Simchos for free. Just kidding -unless you really want to.

    Ok, First thing -try taking the Kalei Tzom before the fast. After Havdallah, since a lot of the weakness is due to dehydration -the fluids have to be replaced. The best is something like Pedialyte, then things like Gatorade.

    What I usually do is have something like Lox & Cream Cheese on a bagel with OJ. The last two fasts, I drank a bottle of Gatorade first. These foods/drinks contain what your body needs – carbs, protein, sodium and potassium.



    I don’t think my band would be welcome at your simchos but I would do it if I could.

    I’ve tried Pedialyte before for severe dehydration and it does work pretty well, so thank you for that.

    Would it be wise to also have some Vitamin B capsules?


    I for one have started Pesach cleaning

    You’re not finished yet? I finished my kitchen twice already!


    CJP – I just take a regular multi-vit everyday. I see no reason to take extra Vit. B. I’m not into the mega vitamins hype!

    old man

    The fastest acting energy boost is honey. Second place goes to chocolate. So some tea with lots of honey, water for hydration, and a few chocolate bars should get you going.


    old man – It’s fastest because the sugar is in a simpler form. This type of sugar or carb will act quick and be gone quick; not something that this guy needs for hours.

    old man

    Health, yes, that is true. The chocolate bars should keep him going for a while, though. In any case, a decent meal should be the best.


    Health is right Fluids are the best thing to do. Drink a cup or two of Water first thing after a fast. Vegetable Soup next-more Fluids and Minerals. Fish and either whole Grain Pasta or Brown Rice. Baked Apple for Desert.


    Thanks everyone for the great advice

    From what I can see, the best suggestions have been to have an immediate intake of fluids!

    While it would be great to have a full sit down meal with vegetable soup and and rice, it’s just not practical.

    By the time we daven ma’ariv and make havdalah it will be close to 7:45 and I still need to change and pack away all my equipment.

    It looks like I’m just going to stash bottles of water in the fridge of the place I’m davening at and then grab a power bar or two on the way to the venue. Hopefully I might have time to grab a bagel before we start playing.

    @Health, the tzom kal product you that just time release pain killer or is it some sort of supplement?



    I had a very uplifiting Yom Kippur…once davening was over I had some orange juice in shul.

    On my way home I stopped and picked up a 64ounce of orange juice and drank it very slowly. Once I got home my roomate had a veggie burger waiting for me that I ate on the way to the venue.

    My bandmates had gotten me some water and some excedrin migrane to offset the caffiene withdrawl and by the time we went onstage I was feeling perfectly fine!

    Thank you to everyone for the advice and Gmar Tov!


    thank you for the update glad it went well

    am yisrael chai


    So did you finish baking your hamantashen yet??

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