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    I was curious if he changes his tune, after kids (especially a daughter) guess we’ll never know…


    “I had a fellow who tried to convince me that any photography of women was wrong. According to him, every picture I took of my daughter from birth onward was a sin and a breach of tznius. Obviously, I disagreed with him.”

    You can disagree but yur wrong. Pictures of women only leads to bad hirhurim. I know you wont have hirhurim of your daughter but yur not the only one who will see the pix. Do you want people to have hirhurim abot yur daughter or mother or other relatave? Thats why pictures of women are bad.

    always here

    ahoy! man overboard!!!! … (too sarcastic/facetious?)


    realbrisker the internet is lifnay eiver but the make ris not jewish. every site that has inappropriate things is lifnay eiver in its own right


    chayav – No your wrong, If you know that going on the internet is lifnay eiver, than you can’t blame “only simchos”. If you know that there is shmutz on the internet, then why are you blaming “only simchos”?


    This is not the same as holding hands in public which is an expression of affection”

    So by all means don’t do it with your spouse. Sometimes it is also an expression of a wife needing her husband to help her walk or vice versa. I always hold onto my husband’s arm when we walk. And it is not really negiah in the halachic issur sense, when it is between husband and wife and she is not niddah. Negiah and chibah are two different concepts. True they may overlap in some areas, but they are still two separate inyanim.


    Do you want people to have hirhurim abot yur daughter

    If you really think that people looking at pictures of my then-three-year-old are engaged in “hirhurim,” then you have problems that need to be addressed professionally.

    The Wolf


    Wolf, sad isn’t it how far people will take just simple ordinary things?


    mosherose…under your name is says “defender of the faith” what you suggest is very extreme and I don’t believe is defending our faith….perhaps you would feel comfortable if women/children dressed in Burkas like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan??

Viewing 9 posts - 51 through 59 (of 59 total)
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