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    anyone have any ideas for recipes that use any or all of the following but nothing more: eggs, potatoes, onions, rice, tomato sauce, tuna, branflakes, sugar, salt, pepper, milk, water, apples, grapefruits, and peanut butter. those are my cooking supplies for the month – i’m starting to run out of ideas and it’s only halfway thru!



    emoticon613, google is your friend in the recipe department. Just google recipe and a few of the ingredients, and you’ll get dozens of recipes that use those ingredients. Some will use more ingredients than the ones you google, but you have to filter them out.

    Happy Tuna and Pasta Sauce Surprise!



    don’t forget that every type of food is improved by adding ketchup.


    What is this, some kind of diet?

    Sushi? (fresh tuna)

    apple sauce


    potato kugel



    shakshuka, mashed potatoes with fried onions, onion rings with crushed bran flakes as the coating, grapefruit flambe sprinkle grapefruit with sugar and burn the top, apple sliced with pb, baked apples, rice pudding.


    how do you have peanut butter with any of those things?



    Also try allrecipes. In their advanced search you can add ingredients that you want and those you don’t.

    Any veggies? flour?

    Why can’t you get additional ingredients?



    tuna latkes will use up the tuna, onions, eggs, salt, pepper, (crushed) bran flakes, and you can make rice as a side dish.



    Well you can anytime make my favorite: mashed potatoes with some yummy sauted onions in them!!



    mchemtob you sound like a gourmet chef! goodness me, thanks for the ideas.

    dovv that’s what you get when you buy pb for sandwiches and then forget that halfway thru the month you’ll get bored of sandwiches, but that’s too bad cuz bread is about the only thing we have in abudance!

    lakewood wife: budgeting. that’s what it’s called. veggies: too expensive, flour: couldn’t think of enough uses when i was shopping, and besides, couldn’t think much of anything w/ the makolet staff trying to get me out of there so they could go home early for yom hashoah.

    fun fun fun!



    smartcookie – yum!



    not a gourmet chef it’s just years of cooking on a budget. after a while you start to get the hang of it and it get a lot easier.


    How could you get bored of sandwiches?? there are so many possibilties.. toasted, plain, peanut butter, omlette inside, fried with eggs.. Honestly I think I could go at LEAST a month livin off sandwiches. But thats just me – I’d just eat the peanut butter plain! mmmm..



    oh dear, mchemtob! thanks for the ideas and encouragement… by the way, someone just gave me a present of a pack of orzo and a 684 gram can of tomato paste. any ideas?



    oh yeah, and ANOTHER loaf of bread. my roomate says i should make apple-challah kugel. ich.



    cook orzo like reg pasta, drainand put aside fry up onions and add 1/2 cup tomato paste and salt and mix with orzo. also u could cook orzo add fried onions a can of chick peas some butter and salt(unless u use salted butter) u can take a slice of bread and cut a hole in the middle, put butter in a pan place bread in pan and then crack an egg in the whole and then fry on both sides yummo!!!

    dovv – I’m with u on the sanwiches, I’m a huuuuge fan of sandwiches. tune with sliced avocado and red onion with or without mayo. egg salad with a shmear of matbucha.


    tomim tihye

    This is from Mrs. Judi Dick’s “A Taste of Nostalgia”:

    Potatoes, Eggs, and Onions: (10 servings)

    3-4 large potatoes, peeled and cubed



    4 hard-boiled eggs

    1 onion, diced

    3 Tbsp. oil

    pepper (optional)

    Cook cubed potatoes with water just to cover and salt about 10 minutes, until tender.

    Drain well and return potatoes to pot over low heat for a few seconds to dry.

    In a large bowl, peel and chop eggs. Add cooked potatoes and raw onion and mash well. Add oil and season to taste. Good warm, at room temp, or chilled.


    mmmm mchemtob that sandwich sounds gr8.. not a fan of red onions tho



    apple fritters, potato latkes, tuna patties, apple & grapefruit compote, mashed potatoes, (you can roll in crushed branflakes for a kind of knish), tomato rice soup, potato soup, pesachdik potato blintzes (using eggs and milk as the crepe – no flour…), crepes with peanut sauce, spanish rice (with onions and tomato sauce…), potato kugel, onion rings (can just dip in eggs…), chremslach (mashed poatoes fried like latkes), onion omelet, french fries (make your own ketchup with tomato sauce and sugar), apples and PB, PB & milk cooked together makes a delicious drink…

    that’s all i can think of for now.




    mchemtob: right you are. it’s getting a LOT easier! and thanks for that orzo recipe; it’s become a definite favorite…


    How about slice the apples, apple-kugel-style, mix with a bit of flour and cinnamon and lemon juice (in your case, I guess just a sprinkle of sugar and grapefruit juice???). Top with a mixture of bran flakes and peanut butter. Let me know how it goes 😉


    Or you can always cancel your internet plan and buy some food…



    emoticon613….it’s been 2 months, have any new items made the shopping list?



    very funny, hidingundercover, i pick up wifi…

    mchemtob, let’s see – strawberry jelly, vanilla sugar, pasta, cucumbers and tomatoes, thank the good L-rd above for cheap vegetables, no more branflakes (wasn’t worth it)…for starters. oh yeah, soft (white) cheese. and garlic. i think that’s it. 🙂



    for starters pasta with tomatoes and garlic is delish. salad wi th cheese and a garlic mayo dressing, will think of some more. but what no watermelon?



    apples and peanut butter are a really good snack…



    chavitot with white cheese and chopped tomatoed with chopped garic. make omelet flat put tomatoes w/ garlic on and then fold egg over tomatoes. pashtidot with white cheese eggs and any veggie you like (tomatoes, onions, mushrooms etc)




    also, i forgot – mayonnaise, too. watermelon – well once in a while but what can you make with watermelon anyway? i just eat it (drink it!) plain!

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