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    Here’s a story that just happened to me (today, about half an hour ago) that I hope will inspire some people before Rosh Hashonah.

    I live in Yerushalayim, and for the last couple of days we’ve had the problem of a blocked kitchen sink. I tried fixing it, plunging it, unscrewing the drain and sticking things down there, pouring so-called drain unclogger down there – to no avail. So tonight it got so difficult to deal with in light of Yom Tov preparations, we called a plumber – he said tomorrow (Erev Yom Tov) it’ll cost between 350-400 shekel to unclog. Oh boy. Another expense for Yom Tov…. So a little later in the evening, actually around 2 am after I came home from midnight Slichos, I called Va’a Harabonim (for those who don’t know, one of the biggest tzedakos in Yerushalayim) and made a donation before Yom Tov. 5 minutes later I was in the kitchen, and the sink was half full of dirty water. I picked up the plunger again, figuring why not give it a try, and after half a dozen times…..Lo and behold! It emptied out!

    Call it coincidence if you want. I call it the power of Tzedokah and Hashgocha Protis.


    wow! thanks for sharing. it should not be the only reason for giving tzedakah but these stories help

    Rav Tuv

    Oy! If you publicize this how will the plumbers make a parnassah now 🙂


    its gonna come if they are supposed to make the money. it will rain down on them

    minyan gal

    usa-tralian, what a wonderful story. It reminds of the stories told by Rabbonim to make a point when teaching. However, I am very happy that I am not your plumber, but this event will give you some extra assets to donate to tzedaka. Co-incidentally, yesterday while walking across a parking lot to go to a Judaica store, I found a coin on the ground. As soon as I entered the shop I walked to the area near the cashier and dropped the coin into a tzedaka box. I know that Hashem did not mean for me to keep the money – even though it was a small amount.


    I walked to the area near the cashier and dropped the coin into a tzedaka box.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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