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    I was unemployed for more than 18 months and wrote a “prayer” to express the desperation in my soul. I hope that others in similar situations may find some comfort in reading and perhaps reciting this. May it be Hashem’s will to provide Parnosah Brevach to all K’lal Yisroel.

    Our Father in Heaven, before You lie all our needs, lowliness and insecurities

    Without You we have nothing and we can do nothing to help ourselves

    Like paupers at the door, we hope and anxiously await for Your mercy

    Help us that we should not find ourselves in a state of want, needing human assistance to make it

    To keep far from us feelings of desperation over not knowing how to make ends meet

    Please send me the correct thoughts and words to my mind and mouth

    To utter before You a pleasing and meaningful prayer

    That You will accept and answer my wishes

    Please open all doors of Parnosah to my family even as I see no way to penetrate seemingly un-scalable barriers

    That the right job will be Heavenly sent to me and that I will fill the requirements wonderfully

    Ribbono Shel Olam, each day I hope that this is the day that You will deliver me

    From being dependent upon Tzedaka and government-issued poverty relief

    How I wish so badly to join the ranks of those who have a meaningful job to go to each day

    And to simply exercise my responsibilities of supporting my family

    The pain of not being able to earn a living is so penetrating

    I have no Koach to endure any longer in this constant state of need and worry

    My heart is so fearful lest we have nothing to feed my family or to take care of their many other vital needs

    I always feel as if I am on the edge of the cliff

    Always dreading the next bill or expense that will throw me over the edge

    Ribbono Shel Olam, I do not ask for nor desire extravagant living conditions

    I simply wish to be able to put food on the table, a roof over our head and to pay our numerous bills

    I just wish for this constant state of dread and helpless desperation to please come to an end quickly

    Please let this pain end to be replaced with feelings of security and optimism for the future

    Just as You provided Mun and all other needs for our forefathers in the desert

    With the intention of freeing our minds and energies to do Your will

    To be Macheneich our children in the Derech HaTorah as well as performing numerous acts of Chesed

    To remove the constant travail of barely having enough to make it

    Ribbono Shel Olam no one can help us other than You

    From You, all our Yeshuos, no matter how large or small, are arranged and delivered

    Surely it is up to You the ultimate decider of our fate; it is never too hard for You to find us Parnosah

    Please influence all the people we encounter to make the decisions that will help our family in the most beneficial way

    Please confer upon us the feeling of security, being safe and well cared for, in Your hands

    Please bless us that we will give lavishly to all causes of Tzedaka

    Help us to build our household as a wellspring of Chesed, with total selflessness

    To share from Your Heavenly overflowing bounty to many others and bring them relief from their pain and worry

    To bring joy to so many people who will join us in forever singing Your praises


    touching, and beautiful,once again you sparked tears in my eyes:)

    Silentone, you most definitely have talent, and more than that, you’ve got a holly soal, May you be blessed.


    hashem should provide you with far more than you need all the days of your life! amen!!

    may hashem bring the yeshuah to klal yisroel speedily so that noone will suffer anymore pain, in any areas in life!


    whoever prays for a friend and needs same thing, he will get answered first


    dovid hamelech – what if he needs a different thing?

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