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    Based on seeing the desperate situation our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel are, with the US president “selling them down the river”, I have written a “prayer” on their behalf. I certainly do not believe that there is any Kedusha to this “prayer” (it is light years below the level of Tefillos written by Gedolim of yesteryear and present). My real intent was to bring someone to a deep emotional state when reading this writing, and then to Daven from Tehillim or other “real Tefilla” while in this emotional state.

    Our dear Father in Heaven, our brethren in Eretz Yisroel are once again in a gravely dangerous situation

    Facing enemies from all sides whose sole mission is the destruction of the Jewish nation

    Every day they are facing a new Tzoro and danger

    Any notion of peaceful co-existence, which gave our brethren some semblance of Yishuv HaDaas, is now unraveling at the seams

    In the hands of people whose greatest joy is to spill Jewish blood

    And at the hands of their minions all over the world

    Is not their blood, our own blood and their precious young children, our own hope and pride?

    What will be with us, if our brothers and sisters are facing the sword at their throats

    Can we go back to eating our meals and conducting our business as if all is normal?

    Heaven forbid that we should enjoy any creature comforts

    For only 65 years after the last seismic Churban, from which we still quake, we are facing one of equal or greater proportions

    Tatte Leibe, what will be with our brothers and sisters?

    We do not know if You will protect them from the tsunami of evil that threatens to overflow them

    Will You thwart the evil schemes of our enemies and throw down their treacherous plans to earth?

    Our hearts tremble and sour acid fills our guts over the worry of Acheinu Beis Yisroel

    Not one moment in their existence in Eretz HaKodesh has their survival been unthreatened

    Without Your miraculous protection, all would have been lost so many times

    Now it appears that a miracle to dwarf all previous ones, is necessary for their very survival

    Our Father, our King, please, please have mercy on our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel, as well as in all other places where they facing danger

    Please thwart the evil schemes of our multitudinous enemies, from all sides, from all over the world

    Please throw down to earth their plans and reduce to dirt all their fearsome weapons that are designed to take as many lives as possible

    Put into the hearts of the correct powers of the world to actively seek out our well being and to decisively protect our interests in a most strong manner

    Do not let the blood of a single one of our brothers or sister to be spilled, please protect us from any fearful moments

    Bring down, totally neutralize and disarm for once and for all the enemies of our existence so that they be swiftly punished and justice dealt to them

    May all the nations of the world speedily realize Your great love for us and fear Your justice to all who seek our destruction

    Speedily in our days may salvation come to Yehuda, may Yisroel live in true security and may the redeemer come to Tzion, so it may be Your will.


    Very nice. But since I live in Israel and I hear about the problems in the US, I feel we should say this prayer for you.

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