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    I know we all want Hashem Yisborach to hear our prayers,. The problem, however, what i see is that what I may be praying for may not always be the best thing for me, my family, klal israel etc.

    So I have turned to saying “Hashem just do what you deem is best for me”. But then where does my Ratzon and Free will choice making go?

    I just dont get it, yet. Maybe never will.


    What does that beautiful prayer have to do with your free will?


    you couldn’t have made a better choice in your free will

    put you life in the hands of Hashem with bitachon & emunah (faith & trust) & then you will never be unhappy. who knows better then a parent whats best for their child? Hashem our father knows the the real best for each of us so if you put your trust in hashem %100 then the word “worry” will be removed from your life forever, cause you will be the happiest person 24-7

    Shopping613 🌠

    You can still daven to change things. There are some things where I ask “Hashem do whats best” -which school to find, whether x friendship should end or not, I we move or not, and so on.

    But plenty of things you should be asking for whatever you want! Hashem wants your prayers, he wants to hear you suffering and asking for change, and second chance, that you need a yeshua.

    Besides for asking for a yeshuah or a miracle There are so many things in your hands. If you scream at your kids/children today, if you have koach today, and so on. Definetly daven that you do do well.

    Plus you can ask hashem for small things not in our hands. To find your daughter’s shoes with out a hassle, find a new coat for your son in the first few storews you look, amd so on.

    You have to balance it out.


    The questions of why we daven, seeing as Hashem knows what we need

    and wants to give us whatever is best for us, and why we daven for specific things, despite not knowing if they would actually be what’s best, don’t appear to have anything to do with whether we are using our free will*. Our free will is not about controlling the course of events through prayer (although in a way, it might be possible, depending on the circumstances), but about the moral decisions we make – what we do,

    not what Hashem does.

    (*Of course, free will must be used in order to daven.)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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