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    our municipality picks up our garbage every two weeks. As our last pickup is 12 days before erev pesach, I want to see if we can get an extra pick-up from the town. What is done where you live?


    For two years in a row, we all put our garbage in our cars, and dumped it on the steps of city hall. They finally got us our garbage pick up.

    You can see the local story here:


    PBA: You had me LOL


    In Monsey, they do very frequent garbage pickup around Pesach time.

    Is there a large Jewish population in your area? If not, it may be too expensive for your town to arrange.

    Is the garbage dump open for drop-off?

    The best thing to do is call the sanitation department and the mayors office.


    Thanks for the advice SJS. They have a depot where we can bring our garbage but I’d still like curbside pickup as its a big chore to lug all the garbage to the depot. But I think I’ll call the mayor. We do have a large Jewish population (about 57% Jewish). But I asked our Ward Councillor, and he said it’s “impossible for both cost and logistical reasons”.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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