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    Submit your prediction of how terrible the Democrat Rout of 2022 will be. Will it be a complete wipeout? Will they still survive hanging on to life by a thread? Will they lose both the House and the Senate? Or, if you are more of the pessimistic type, do you think they’ll only lose one house of Congress while (perhaps barely) hanging on to the other.

    The Gold Medal goes to whoever now predicts the outcome precisely correctly. The Silver Medal will be awarded to he who came very close to an accurate prediction. And the Bronze will be given to the one who was much more correct than incorrect.

    The awards ceremony will be held in late November, after auditing for election fraud is complete and the real winners identified.


    Can you predict the winning six numbers in the wknd lotto?

    Reb Eliezer

    Let’s also predict how terrible the Republicans will do.


    “after auditing for election fraud is complete and the real winners identified”

    Problem solved, you never have to give out the medals, just claim there was no sufficient audit , and th real winner has yet to be identified.


    As a republican I think with gerrymandering that they will take the House but not by much and the democrats will pick up seats in the Senate. I wouldn’t be surprised if the democrats keep both chambers. The GOL has no vision and ideas in a post trump world.


    House R 233.
    Senate R 51. Counting those who vote for R majority leader. Request waiting to January Senate day one, possibly some will change sides.

    ☕️coffee addict

    House 250
    Senate 53


    Dems will hold the Senate and possibly gain 1 seat for a clear majority (w/o VP tie breaker)

    Repubs will gain about 25-27 house seats and McCarthy will have to make major rules concessions to right wing crazies (aka Freedom caucus) to retain speakership


    Republicans are too disunited and don’t have clear ideas on policy (at least ones they all agree one). Many of them are too busy claiming vote fraud in 2020 to deal with new issues. Also they are divided between Neocons (who want to vigorously oppose the Russians and Chinese), and “America First” types who want to avoid foreign wars. Even if the Republicans get control of either house, they won’t have a strong enough majority to do anything.


    My prediction:

    Republicans will lose Senate seats in Ohio and Pennsylvania because of their absolutely awful candidates. No other Senate seats will flip, giving Democrats a 50-48 majority with the two Independents caucusing with the Democrats. I also predict Lisa Murkowski will easily be re-elected against Republican opposition but won’t swiitch parties.

    I think Republicans will have a majority of at least 30 seats in the House of Representatives, though.


    Just to see how much trouble the Republicans are in Pennsylvania, the Fox News poll has Fetterman up over Oz by double digits, and Shapiro over Mastriano also by double digits. Joe Biden only won Pennsylvania by 1.15%. Between the Supreme Court decision on abortion, Oz being well known as a con artist who doesn’t even live in the state, and Mastriano’s close connection to some of the worst anti-Semites in America, this is looking pretty bad for the Trump Party.


    Pennsylvania is indeed interesting to watch: general trends are R, but personal D as you described. 2 years ago, Trump asked Biden during debate what will happen with fracking in PA, and Biden refused to answer. By now, the question is more visible and the answer is clear.


    Watching US politics from the UK is a fairly sobering. It seems so fractured that not even the most basic job of government – ensuring that its citizens are safe on its own streets and schools – can be agreed on. There seems to be so little consensus on anything. Major worldwide economic trends are blamed on specific leaders for the sake of party politics. It’s very hard to imagine the USA’s continued position as a world superpower like this.


    ramat: Which country do you propose or believe will assume the US’ current role as superpower, within the next 25 years?


    UK?! Pot. Kettle. Black.
    And how long can you hold the grudge that Gen Washington made the streets in US not safe for Brits?


    @ujm – I’m not a Novi but China? Resources, strong government, desire to strengthen economy and international standing.

    – you demonstrate the problem with US politics brilliantly. Don’t think about what I wrote, just quickly retort with an irrelevant and ridiculous insult. Thank you for making the point so clear to everyone.



    All the issues you mention have nothing to do with the US being a superpower.
    The US is a superpower due to it being a Financial Power, Military Power, and a Power for Democracy. Those don’t disappear because the 2 parties can’t agree on anything.

    The UK has it’s own major issues.
    BREXIT is a total financial disaster for the UK. Even after multiple votes and delays.
    Boris Johnson and his government totally collapsed a few weeks ago.


    ramateshkolnick, apologize for being so incredulous. In other words: I do agree with you in worrying about state of US politics. On the other hand, US strength exists in spite, and sometimes because of, the problems that you mentioned! US system is designed to channel yetzer hara into shouting, posting, and voting (see writings by Madison). So, if you would like to make the point that colonies are doomed and should join the CommonWealth, you need to have a stringer argument than what you mentioned.

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