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    January 5, 2012 5:37 pm at 5:37 pm#903402
    In reply to: Your Dream-Ticket for 2012
    Hi Dave.

    Am I serious about Donald? Am I the only one? Yes, I am serious, although the level of seriousness is relative with the pack of politicians we see in our times.

    I dont care if Trump is also an attention seeker. Obama is worse and he is inept in all areas.

    For better or ill, cartoon character or not, Donald has a lot of real world experience, and being a known persona, is not necessarily an unhelpful thing. He can conduct himself on the world stage in a reasonable way, again, in comparison to the others.

    Specifically, I like his idea of American nationalism in the economic realm. I believe he is not beholden to anything or anyone, but his sense of commerce, and his own experience, and he will do good things.

    The others cannot come near Donald either in rhetoric, and especially contacts and experience.

    Christie, I believe, has psychological issues due to his weight problem. Like I said, I believe he cant stick to a diet so he is projecting onto us.

    It is horrible to live in NJ. Everything is sky high.

    The tone of the Christie Administration is basically: “New Jerseyans, dont expect anything new, and what you already have, will be cut in half”.

    Yet tax payers kick up more and more and more money to Trenton. Taxes go up, prices go up….everything gets more expensive and you get less for the dollars.

    Nothing is filling up the cup?

    Christie is horrible.

    Back to Trump. I am not voting for personality. I suspect they all are obnoxious in their own way.

    Frankly, if you wanted to start or build a business, sorta your own little economy…who would you want to sit down with and talk to???

    And, please, I know Trump had problems, and to me, that is a plus that he has had that experience.

    Shlomo HaMelech said: A wise man falls seven times and gets up seven times.

    And the comment behind that is the fact that when one falls, they get up again, that is where the wisdom is.

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