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    I just heard about Page plus wireless that supposedly uses the Verizon network and offers unlimited talk and text plan for around $40 a month without a contract. Does anyone have this and what is the catch? Verizon is usually the most expensive network? How does it compare to MetroPCS in Brooklyn? Just looking for guidance on getting the best possible cell phone deal. Thanks


    metro pcs doesn’t have service everywhere


    before I had a family-plan phone, I had a Tracfone, which worked out pretty cheaply. I bought minutes on eBay and took advantage of all the promotions. It came out to as little as $6. / month. I didn’t make very many calls.

    Eli Mansour

    I have Page Plus,I pay $39.99 no tax and unlimited voice & Text. The two advantages it has over metro pcs is you can use any verzion phone with it, metro pcs you can only use there phones, second page plus had way more coverage then metro pcs, so if you plan on traveling you definitely should think about that.


    I have T-Mobile. Phone is about $50. Start with a $100 card (so you get locked in to a 360 day expration date) and then you can refill in the increment you need ($25, $50, ect)

    At the $100 level,its about .10 cents a minute ($25 refills work out ot about .17 cents)

    Its perfect if you only need the phone for emergency use.


    is boostmobile service good


    i had boost mobile for a while it was 50$ a month for unlimited internet calling texting and walkie talkie no catch, exept the recieving texting is a little slow

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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