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    I know its not necessary, but what would u give your child’s teacher (primary) for Rosh Hashana, oif de naiya yor? I was thinking that money is straight up tacky.



    Considering that most teachers are NOT wealthy money is the most appreciated. You really think the Rebbe/Morah needs another honey dish?!


    Whats even more tacky is you teachers coming on here and trying to set a standard by asking for tips for no services rendered. There’s been, what, 2 days of dchool so far. Youre asking for bribes, not even tips.

    Dont be greedy, we all just gave you tips for taking a vacations with our kids in summer camp. If you do your job you can ask for money then


    Tip now?

    For what??


    I gave a box of chocolates to my son’s teacher. It wasnt expensive, and was a little gesture.


    If your child has been taught by the same teacher before, or one of your older children was taught by them, and they found them to be an effective teacher and a great role model, then I see no reason not to gift them something now. But if they are basically an unknown quantity, then I would just send them a card.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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