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    No, No, No, No, Maybe. No No
    However, you correctly identify at least one point. The OP and the entire discussion is framed in the context of political outcomes of judicial selections within the framework of Western Society and not the appointment of a beis din to adjudicate an issue of halacha where the preference for a male judge is unquestioned.


    Ghadora: Your reply left out responding to the second paragraph of the comment you were addressing. If you live your life in a Western societal framework and base your worldview on the same, rather than living a Torah societal framework and view on how you evaluate societal issues, then indeed what you say may be the current secular view on these issues. (Secular society changes its stance on these issues every several decades, moving further decadently/”progressively” to the left.)

    And to be consistent with your self-subscribed views, you’d surely express the same modern Western views on supporting toeiva, abortion and blasphemy as being the correct and proper view for yourself and others to believe in, support and subscribe to.


    We live in a western secular society subject to legal rules and norms, some of which may conform to halacha and Torah and others that don’t. There already are frum Jewish women serving as judges in the state and local court systems. We have frum jewish women litigating in the federal, state and local courts. Protection of omen’s “rights” under secular law (not as you would define them per halacha) benefit from having women in the role of advocates and adjudicators at every level of the court system.
    In a larger context, not all disputes can or should be settled in a beis din. Some well known cases of physical and sexual abuse were forced into secular courts as a result of a time when batei din were paralyzed in their dealing with these types of accusations. More frequently, parties to a psak din simply won’t accept the outcome or cannot even agree on the proper forum



    Good progress on the selection. President said that he read on “about four nominations”. It is an approximate number – maybe two, maybe six. He either does not remember or is not sure of the count. Maybe some had double names. He also said (paraphrasing) that he has no political motive in selection, as long as the gal is a solid liberal.

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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