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    History will record for posterity that a modern day Alexander the Great arose in the most powerful country in that modern world, the United States of America, by the name of Donald John Trump. Previously affectionately known as “The Donald” he henceforth assumed the title of Donald the Great.

    Much as Alexander was a great friend of the Jews so much so that Chazal decreed that Jewish babies should be named Alexander after him, a legacy that lives until our very own day, so too will today’s Rabbonim shlit”a decree we should name our Yiddishe kinder Donald in gratitude for how much President Donald J. Trump has helped and befriended Klal Yisroel.


    I see they serving Kool_Aid at Kiddish again.


    At kiddush, after a few lchayims, we decided that it is necessary to be makir tov to his parents too for giving birth to him. We should therefore start naming Yiddishe kinder after DJT’s father’s two names.

    Have fun with that one.

    After a few more lchayims, it was suggested that his wife also deserves credit since behind every great man is a great woman. We couldn’t decide which one deserves more credit so the Beis Din at Kiddush paskened that we should start naming Yiddishe maidelech after all 3 of his wives.


    Just woke up this AM to hear that lying jerk trying to take credit for inclusion of direct payments in the Covid Bill Congress passed last night. After two week of sulking and ranting n the WH while Dems led by Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Republicans led by Senatpor Josh Hawley (R-MO) threatened to block the bill unless there was at least a &600 cash grant, Trump managed to push out a tweet supporting grants AFTER the issue has already been resolved and this morning he is telling Fox its all the result of HIS support. After this weekend’s report from multiple sources that he had a meeting on Friday with his lunatic advisors, Powell, Flynn and Giuliani where martial law was considered, even his long-time supporters have said enough is enough and are like rats jumping ship. If he is not having a nervous breakdwon, he sure is trying to do an imitation of someone suffering from severe delusionand psychosis.


    Careful the men in the white coats are coming to take you to Bellevue


    Alexander the Great actually accomplished something. Dopey Donny, not so much.


    Was Alexander the Great of such great moral character that Chazal decreed Jewish babies should be named after him?


    I’m guessing this is a troll post (and I am a Trump voter) but to clarify one thing Chazal did not “decree that Jewish babies should be named after Alexander the Great” because he was such a Ohev Yisroel.

    The Gemora (Yoma 69A) which discusses the meeting of Shimon Hatzadik and Alexander the Great does say they made a Yom Tov after meeting him (because they prevailed upon him not to destroy the Beis HaMikdash) but makes no reference to any takona to name anyone after after him.

    The earliest source for such a takana is Josephus who says they made that offer to him to avoid offending him when they refused to accept a golden sculpture of him that he wanted to donate to the Beis HaMikdash.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “Alexander the Great actually accomplished something. Dopey Donny, not so much.“


    Are you really saying that moving the embassy to yerushalayim (something which everyone said they were going to do but kicked the can down the road) signing peace deals between Israel and a bunch of Arab countries (however it was done like by removing it from being a “sponsor of terror” to recognition of the Sahara desert as a certain country) to recognition of the Golan heights is “not so much”?

    ☕️coffee addict

    The Gemara says what makes someone a good “guest” or not and that is to say “whatever the host did was for me” (as opposed to the host)

    The same can be said over here



    Everything he worked for collapsed. He was also a substance-abusing sexual pervert, who died an early death. He also was a tyrant.

    Donald has his faults (much related to speaking/tweeting before thinking), but he is no way as bad as Alexander.

    yaakov doe

    Are the Trumpanzees going to name their sons Delusional Donald and daughters Delusional Donalda?
    There are some things I would name after Trump, but they are only found in bathrooms.

    ☕️coffee addict

    There should be an ‘s after country in my first comment


    akuperma: All the more reason for us to name our kinderlach Donald. If we name our children Alexander despite his flaws, all the more for The Donald, who as you point out is even better than Alexander the Great.


    To coffee addict: Yes, those 3 things you mentioned are “not so much.” None of them have made Israel more secure, none of them have advanced the settlement with the so-called Palestinians, and a US president has more to do than fix things for Israel.

    Trump weakened US relations with its allies, weakened NATO. Israel needs strong relations with the US’s allies and NATO. Trump has strengthened Russia, who is no friend of Israel.

    And I am still waiting for that check from Mexico to pay for the teeny little portions of the wall with Mexico that actually got built with US taxpayer dollars.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “None of them have made Israel more secure, none of them have advanced the settlement with the so-called Palestinians, and a US president has more to do than fix things for Israel.”

    Taking those things off the table advances the process whether they like it or not is a different story but they don’t have that as leverage

    Secondly the topic of this thread was what Trump did for Israel and the Jews in comparison to Alexander the

    “And I am still waiting for that check from Mexico to pay for the teeny little portions of the wall with Mexico that actually got built with US taxpayer dollars.”

    Usmca made a better deal for America ergo Mexico is paying more

    Hey if Obama got a Nobel prize for a speech (which is basically nothing) I think Trump gets more than a “pat on the back”



    trolling’s great but to such an UGH


    two more records for Pres Trump:
    survey says: 40% think he is the worst, 20%+ that he is the best president.

    Both numbers are higher than for previous ones (by 20 for worst, and by 10 for best). I am not sure whether they did this survey at Alexander time … Maybe Lincoln was seemingly polarizing.

    PS Upon some hard thinking – I am not sure how the above can be correct. Obviously, Washington had 100% on both scores.


    “Usmca made a better deal for America ergo Mexico is paying more”

    Wrong. First, the final version of USMCA is mainly Pelosi, not Trump. She basically rewrote it. Second, trade deals help all parties to them; trade wars cause all to lose. Trump’s economic policies are Herbert Hoover; Pelosi’s are Franklin Roosevelt.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Charlie Hall,


    Yes pelosi changed everything at the last second to save the day!

    I’m being sarcastic if you haven’t noticed


    “pelosi changed everything at the last second to save the day”

    It wasn’t the last second, it was over a period of months. But that did get the agreement passed. It is a modest improvement over NAFTA. Of course ideologues like Bernie Sanders still opposed it.


    “signing peace deals between Israel and a bunch of Arab countries”

    There have been no peace deals. None of the countries that recently normalized relations with Israel have ever been at war with Israel.


    @Charlie Hall

    ‘the final version of USMCA is mainly Pelosi, not Trump.’

    Source? Wikipedia doesn’t seem to know what you’re talking about (besides for her raising objections)

    ‘None of the countries that recently normalized relations with Israel have ever been at war with Israel.’

    That’s not the point.
    Trump has turned Israel from ‘the Middle East Problem’ into ‘the Solution to Radical Islam’.
    Most Arab countries (Including SA) are terrified of Iran and now seek Israels help
    The Middle East will never forgive Obama for helping the ayatollahs

    ☕️coffee addict

    Ok Charlie

    How about wording like this

    Tolerance of a country so much so that there are direct flights over it and into it

    You really are playing semantics here


    you sound very differently when you are discussing Trump from when you are discussing science.
    the more you are reaching to find why every Trump’s achievement is not an achievement, the more you are convincing us of the opposite!

    A number of centrist people who do not like him in general, admit a number of achievements.

    How can you deny all positive changes in Israel – capital, embassy, Golan, Arab agreements, decreased threat from Syria and ISIS .. maybe ask Israelis; or try to remember yourself some years ago: would you praise Pres Clinton or Obama if he were to do some of the above

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Always Ask – Yes! Yes, yes! This has been such a major frustration of mine. (And where the TDS concept was born from). After a while the illogical agression became enough to discourage me from being able to participate even passively, but i have found in these last few weeks that it seems to have dissolved the respect I always carried for them in other areas. It’s my loss, no doubt. But you have identified it well.



    While Always ask is correct to an extent. The same phenomenon (I think its worse but that may be my bias talking) is found among Trump supporters. I have many friends who really believe Trump is planning some master genius move involving the “kraken” Scotus etc and that losing 60 some court cases was all “part of the plan” to weed out Rinos or something

    Or another example Take the “distinction” between Trump’s writing 19 books extoling his alleged skills as a dealmaker compared to Obama’s memoir of his time as President (something all recent Presidents have done). Believe it or not some posters on this forum argued that Obama’s 2 memoirs was more narcissistic than Trump’s 19 because they weren’t memoirs. Granted trump’s books weren’t strictly speaking memoirs, since memoirs are meant to be factual and Trump’s are largely not, but they are designed to appear as memoirs, in this context the distinction is arbitrary


    Maybe we should equate Trump with Alexander the Grape, because Trump wines so much.

    And speaking of Trump wines, remember Trump vodka? Why would a teetotaler think his name on a distilled spirit would be a sound business plan? Then again, what does Trump know about sound business plans?

    ☕️coffee addict


    Basically it’s all due to a person’s bias


    When those who believe that Biden is senile and also believe that the Democrat’s are going to invoke the 25th amendment and put Harris as president, heal themselves from BDS, they can then start requesting the anti-trumpers to stop putting down what trump (maybe) did in the ME.


    @ubi: is found among Trump supporters.

    Absolutely. and, @Syag, it is equally frustrating. I ammore annoyed by Jewish Trump supporters whose motivation to not wear mask seems to be, in large, influenced by politics. Overall, it is a huge bitul zman for people here to just repeat what they here in the news, without applying their Torah values.

    I respect very much “first amendment” idea in American public space – where you can throw any argument you want, short of “fire in crowded theaters”, and see who prevails. Jewish debate should rather be based on respecting the truth: quoting by name (presumably, correctly); one who lied in one aspect,is not believed in others; Beit Hillel quoting Beit Shammai before stating their own position. We could do besser.


    technical proposal to unbias ourselves in evaluating Trump’s presidency (applies to others too).

    1) did you, or others, have an opinion about him before he ran for President? Some might refer to tabloid info. Mine was based on Apprentice. A family member was studying business, and I suggested watching Apprentice. I also watched several episodes. The business/human side of that looked entirely reasonable.

    2) look at opinion writings at the beginning of his term and compare with what happened later. I can recall some, but my memory is biased. So, just go through opinion papers for a month of, say Dec 2016 and list predictions. We can then discuss here. Most memorable is prediction of economic disaster, next Muslim anger. But, please, could someone do a list.

    crazy horse

    alexander was an alcoholic and a retarded nut job


    “Alexander was an alcoholic and a retarded nut job”
    Azoy, but there is no evidence that he was also a narcissistic and adulterous deviate.

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