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    Listing of post-WWII President’s, from best to worst, by the noted Presidential Historian and Political Analyst, yours truly:

    1. Ronald Reagan

    Ronaldus Magnus; brought the Soviet Union to its heels, and won the Cold war; largest economic boom after taking over the mess Jimmy left with hyper-inflation; a good indicator of his greatness was simply the venom expressed by the media and liberal elites against Magnus (blaming him for everything from homelessness to AIDS – all of which magically disappeared on Jan. 20, 1993 after 12 years of “Reagan/Bush”); when will we see his like again?

    2. Harry Truman

    Courageously nuked the Japs, ending WWII, and saving countless American lives.

    3. Dwight Eisenhower

    Victorious General of Allied Forces; Brought US into post-war world.

    4. Richard Nixon

    Ended Vietnam War. Foreign Policy genius (ie established American relations with China with his famous visit); Supplied Israel with large quantity of emergency arms during ’67 war; loses points for Watergate (without that incident, would be recognized as one of America’s great President’s.)

    5. George H. W. Bush

    Spearheaded NAFTA (+); Broke no new taxes pledge (-).

    6. Gerald Ford

    Helped nation in post-Watergate healing process.

    7. John Kennedy

    Bay of Pigs fiasco; ruined the noble tradition of men wearing hats (with his hatless inauguration); gets some points for handling Cuban Missile Crisis.

    8. Lyndon Johnson

    Greatly mismanaged Vietnam War.

    9. Bill Clinton

    Impeached; scandal; scandal; scandal; disbarred.

    10. Jimmy Carter

    Need anything more be explained regarding Jimmy?; or 20% hyper-inflation; or the Iran hostage crisis; A forewarning what happens when a “peanut farmer” becomes President. How much worse will the “community organizer” be?

    (W.’s term is yet incomplete, hence his exclusion. Yet considering that the media and liberal vitriol against him challanges that of Reagan, it is certainly a good sign.)

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