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    I haven’t noticed much, if any “Pesah price gouging” this year.

    I’ve purchased fancy cake (Oberlander) for $6.99 at Goldbergs, Oberlander bulk fingers for $5.98 there, sour cream for $2.79 there, an in-store brownie cake for $3.99, honey cake for $2.99, Oberlander sandwich cookies for $4.99.

    At Mountain Fruit, I got fingers for $1.99 a box, nutella for $3.99 a jar, canned vegetables for $1.79, a tub of cream cheese for $2.99, and the large Kedem for $2.99. Coke was $1.67 a bottle, Herr chips $2 a bag, cashew clusters 2 for $5, and good deals all around.

    Brach’s had Natural and Kosher shredded cheese for $1.99 a bag, Meal Mart kishka for $3.89, store-made kugel for $4.99 each, chrein for $1.49, and other such deals.

    I haven’t experienced prices any higher than the usual, and in honesty, the kosher shredded cheese costs the same as treif shredded cheese I see in different supermarkets, and the kugel at Brachs was 2 dollars cheaper than Gabilas kugel at Waldbaums.


    That’s good.

    By the way, why are you ‘proudly modern orthodox’?

    abra cadabra

    The high prices have become so ingrained in our conscious, that we no longer even realize we are paying through the nose!


    When I compare these prices to prices I see generally, they aren’t really out of the ordinary.

    Also, the moderators attached that to my profile. Not me.


    if you want to see price gouging,

    go to the kosher or passover section in shoprite or pathmark.

    compare those price with the prices in the kosher stores.

    People who don’t ordinarily (nebech) look for kosher or jewish style do come to these stores before passover and pay those monstrous prices.

    (Someone claimed to me that it is not all the supermarkets’ fault

    but that the distibuters charge them more. I just don’t know)


    I did see high prices in Waldbaum’s on Shabtai, Manischewitz, and other such items.

    But Waldbaum’s is also where I got 5 pounds of Yehuda matzot for free with my order.

    Rav Tuv

    The price gouging is on matza. That is the 1 thing you must have. and the stores know it.


    I tip my hat to those who can afford to eat exclusively hand shmura for all of yom tov. The price is way beyond my reach.

    Many stores sadly do overcharge on matza. I am grateful, though, that doing food shopping at Waldbaum’s in weeks past resulted in my being able to get 10 lbs of matza for free in total.

    I try to grind my own matza meal, make my own farfel, etc.


    rebs- Oh.


    “The price gouging is on matza”

    not sure whether you mean in the supermarkets or in the local jewish groceries.

    I did not do a survey, but in the kollel gorcery in boro park,

    the price for at least one brand of hand shmura is the same or less than you pay at the bakery.

    in Shoprite all passover items including hand shmura are way more than in the jewish stores.

    this is especially true of the “heimish” brands.

    the supermarkets sometimes do give deals and low prices on standard machine matzoh brands. but everything else is shockingly high. oh and there may be sales on kedem grape juice. those two items are about it.

    ah talmid

    nitpicker: Which brand is cheapest at kollel? And is krm the only place to get it at that price?


    Stop and Shop had the large Kedem for $2.79 and Waldbaums had it for $2.99. One thing that I find unusual is that Waldbaums and a few other stores don’t have any KFP TempTee cream cheese or KFP Sour Cream (Breakstones or Friendship has it KFP, can’t remember now).


    to ah Talmud:

    I am sorry I don’t know. I bought my matzoh at the bakery.

    I only checked the price in the store out of curiosity.

    Most of the hand shmura is in the low twenties per pound.

    some may be less and some more.


    There are hand Matzos available at less than 15 dollars a pound…… it may be from Israel…. or after Succos….. but it is there!


    i go to and check out all the sales.

    this way i know what is on sale in all the stores i go to

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