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    We all know that sending your child to camp is one of the best things for your child but what he/she may learn there could effect the rest of their life. As parents we are over cautious about what our children learn or see in their normal day to day activity, when in reality the real problem could perhaps stem from camp. We’re all nervous on what a counselor might do, but majority of the problems stem from what other campers teach them.


    The only solution is to never let your kids leave the house.
    How is this different than what they experience in school?
    How do you control what your kids see on the street?
    Part of being a parent is teaching your version of right & wrong. When you & your kids are secure in who you are it’s really not an issue.

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    What kuvult said


    There is a mitzva (for _you_) to teach your children Torah. There is no mitzvah to send them to the forest with some other wilder chayos.

    Kuvult, Rashi suggest best time to teach is from 16 to 22, so after that, they might be ready to go to the streets.

    Disclaimer: most of our children are currently in labor camps. (that is, laboring in camps, leaving no time for shtuyot).


    @OP send you kids to camp TROLL, run by Mosdos TROLL where your children won’t have that issue


    A major, major problem in chinuch comes from the parents’ need to control their children. If a parent would just model good behavior everything will work out. Ignore everything else. (Of course don’t put stumbling blocks, like unfiltered internet, etc. But on a whole, if we’d just get out of the way, our kids will be awesome!). I really mean this: don’t make your kids daven, learn, etc. they go to yeshiva. Let the Yeshivas deal with all that. At home just model and try to make your relationship with your kids greater and greater. ZERO criticism. No matter what they do. And remember they know exactly how you feel about them. If every parent truly believed that he has the best kids in the world, then we would not have one kid off the derech. (Best kids, doesn’t mean smartest, learns the best, etc. Just the best!!!)


    Read the story on the YWN news page tonight about a horrific situation where hundreds of girls who were supposed to attend Camp Malka were first transported to the camp which didn’t have an occupancy permit so were then shipped off to a local hotel with inadequate or no accommodations for these kids until the police ordered them to be sent home. Now, they will have no summer program, the parents hope their non-refundable payments will be refunded and someone will just shrug and say “sorry we let you down”.


    What’s the point of this? That other kids could be a bad influence? That’s not only true in camp. It’s true in school, it’s true when it comes to kids who live nearby that your children may play with, it’s true pretty much everywhere. That’s why you research the schools and camps that you send your kids to, and choose the ones that you think are best. This isn’t a problem with camps “today” – it’s always been an issue, with everything.

    Happy new year

    All camps under the age of high school SHOULD BE BANNED!!!!!!

    Kids in elementary school are too immature to go to camp. They suffer far more than any fun they might have.

    High school camp is fun and enjoyable, but younger than that is horrible. Any parent who sends their kids to elementary age camp is evil and hates their kids. Or simply doesnt care about them.

    Your kids will hate you when they get more mature, for not protecting them from elementary age sleepaway camp.


    If you let them out of the womb, you have to let them into the world.

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