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    I have a terrible problem that affects me every day of my life, in every aspect of my life, that I was hoping to get chizuk and suggestions about to help alleviate and remedy. I hope to write about it sometime in the future, because I really need help with it badly.

    ☕️coffee addict

    make a list of stuff you need to do and make it really important to finish everything on your list.

    That’s what I do


    “I hope to write about it sometime in the future”



    Basically,just realize that if you dont start doing things..things arent going to happen.I dont know if you are married but its hard to change bad habits once you are married and it will reflect in your marriage.Lists sometimes work but basically when u have a thought to do something..just do it.Peace.


    Why is it harder to change bad habits once you are married, Astrix?


    I put the “pro” in procrastinate.


    my grandma used to say that she was too lazy to leave things for tomorrow.


    You have alot of company with this issue. There recently was such study done and if i remember correctly the statistics were something like 60 or 70% of people who were found to procrastinate.

    Some people however were found to work better when they waited till the last minute! So if it works for you, enjoy life and accept that this is part of your makeup, as long as you don’t put off important things as wanting to daven and then realizing it’s time for mincha and you missed shachris!


    oooOOOOKAY I think I’ve put this thread off long enough (pun intended)

    Here’s my trick. I always have a list. I ALWAYS cross off the things I did. I ALWAYS make a mental note to REMEMBER HOW GOOD IT FEELS to cross off something. That keeps me going!


    I love these 2 quotes on this inyin:

    1) Procrastination isn’t the problem. It’s the solution. It’s the universe’s way of saying stop, slow down, you move too fast.

    2) Procrastination is my sin. It brings me naught but sorrow.


    Always put off until tomorrow what you shouldn’t do at all.


    1. Consider the desired action a ‘procedure’, and separate it into smaller ‘tasks’, as though you were going to teach it to a trainee. Write a brief outline or draw a flow chart if it helps you to clarify things.

    2. Next, sit upright in a comfortable chair and imagine that you are starting with the first task. Run through the entire action thoroughly in your imagination. At the same time, be aware of your emotions: are you experiencing any of the feelings which have made the procedure difficult to start doing? Let’s call these your ‘inhibiting feelings’.

    3. Keep working through the task in your imagination: do it with powerful will and focus, while experiencing the inhibiting feeling at the same time. Try to keep the inhibiting feeling going as you continue. You can even try to intensify the inhibiting feeling as much as possible while you imagine doing the task with focused and unwavering determination. Continue until you have reached the end of the first task. Repeat this a few times.

    4. Follow this same method with each of the other tasks in the procedure until you have performed the entire procedure in your imagination. Repeat as desired.

    5. Start making it a point to go through these steps whenever you notice an ‘inhibiting feeling’ about any action you need to do. Make a habit of pursuing any feelings of ‘being blocked’ or ‘feeling too lazy’ you happen to experience during the day, and using this method on them, making sure to perform the related tasks in your imagination with great will, purpose, and focus.

    6. After doing this for a while, you’ll probably begin to find that it has become too easy to simply go through a procedure in your imagination: the inhibiting feelings won’t be strong enough to offer a good challenge anymore. So, the next step will be to use this same method, but to actually do the tasks with real action, working with powerful will and focus while trying to keep the inhibiting feeling as strong as possible.

    7. Make this your new hobby. Start hunting for and and going after these ‘inhibiting feelings’, and see how many you can ‘score’ each day. It’s a challenging new game you can play regularly.


    Hatzlacha on your path to anticrastination.


    Hard work and determination always pay off over time, but laziness pays off right now.


    Gezunthiet………..I think you should put it off until the first day of the rest of your life. That would be TODAY.


    flowers, that sounds like great advice, seriously. I think I’ll try it one of these days…


    I decided that today will be the day I tackle procrastination. As soon as I’m done going thru all the other threads in the CR that is.

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