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    lighthearted answers only please (not that lighthearted answers aren’t true just I want this thread to start off on a light note). I’ll start

    jelly beans and pizza with olives!!!


    A real light (lofty) answer.

    One shouldn’t make light, loose etc. when referring or referencing to HaShem. Just my humble thought. Honored personalities, Rabbis may have a different say. (daas froggie hepach…)


    I’m here.


    One shouldn’t make light, loose etc. when referring or referencing to HaShem. Just my humble thought.

    I know. check the parentheses that I wrote.


    He’s referring to your second paragraph.

    If you want proof, pay attention to all the Matnos Chinam that Hashem gives you. Think about how He is Maarich Af. Also, pay attention to all your Tefillos that were answered.


    … pay attention to your answered Tefilos…

    *** Even the ones that were answered with a loving No.


    What I was saying was is that this is a thread ABOUT all the little things that I thank Hashem for. Hashem could have made us subsist on bread and water. Instead he made all these wonderful goodies in order for us to enjoy ourselves

    ???? ??? ?’ ??????? ??? ?????, ??? ??? ?????? ???, ???? ?? ????? ????? ??????? ?????, ????? ??? ??? ???


    big white fluffy clouds


    I don’t need any “proof.” I already know it.


    Cavalier King Charles spaniels.


    Golfer, I don’t know why these days every mention of Tefillah comes with a disclaimer that “no is also an answer.” Obviously, if you ask to become very rich and it is hard-coded against your Mazal it won’t change easily. People all too often refer back to the big requests that they Davened for and reflect how it wasn’t answered.

    But I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had my Tefilos answered. It is important to remember when Hashem answered your Tefilos. You have these in mind when you say Baruch Shomea Tefilla.

    Patur Aval Assur

    ??? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ??? ?? ????? ???????

    (Berachos 5a)

    ???? ??? ?????? ??????? ?’ ???????? ??????? ???????? ???????

    (Mishlei 3:12)

    The little I know

    ????? ????? ?? ………. ?? ????? ??????? ????? ??? ???????? ??????? ?? ??? ???? ???? ??? ???? ??? ???????? ???????? ???? ??.

    HKB”H does not need points to score with us. We need to recognize all He does for us and gives us. Sometimes He gives us hardships. If we have accomplished enough in our emunoh, we should realize that those things that give us momentary discomfort, even pain, are there for our benefit. We ask Hashem to grant us His chesed in a pleasant package – ???? ????? ?????.


    Not that I am a tzadeikes in any way, but it seems axiomatic to me that any of us who B”H gets up in the morning, has a job to go to, children and/or grandchildren to play with (the koach to do so), good health, or recovering health, people around him/her who love and care about them, WOULD have appreciation for Hashem. So why do some of us take His Chessed for granted?

    Why do we say modeh ani every morning? Not because HASHEM needs it, surely. It’s because it is a really good thing to start every morning with that recognition that but for Hashem, we would not be here to even say modeh ani. It just seems so simple to me. And I am not a Pollyanna. I have had and do have my share of nisyonos of life, some more painful than others. But that, too, is a wakeup call for some of us, to remind us of how good life can be, and how we need to appreciate that good, which unfortunately sometimes is not recognized until we compare it with something not so good.

    Someone once said, “I felt bad that I didn’t have a new pair of shoes – until I saw a man who had no feet.” That about sums it up for me.

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