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    I’ve been vaccinated.

    My spouse has been vaccinated.

    All my children have been vaccinated.

    And none of us have had a bad reaction.

    There you have it. Vaccines are safe.


    I eat peanuts.
    My kids eat peanuts
    My husband eats peanuts
    If my nephew eats peanuts he can die. Fast.


    I hear.

    So you’re saying that peanuts are an inherently dangerous product?


    I’ve been vaccinated.

    My spouse has been vaccinated.

    All my children have been vaccinated.

    About a billion other people have been vaccinated.

    Research shows that the adverse affects are far rarer than adverse affects of the diseases they prevent.

    There you have it. Vaccines are a far better option.




    You’re trying to quote scientific research. Proper scientific research is not allowed in this thread. Anecdotal evidence only.


    Since CDC TRIPLED the Vaccine Schedule around 1990, Autism Rate has gone from 1:10,000 to 1:50 and NOW have the SICKEST GENERATION EVER in the History of USA:
    1:6 children are learning disabled
    1:6 children are allergic
    1:13 children have asthma
    1:15 children have ADHD
    1:5 teens had episode of mental illness
    1:8 children have IBS
    1:50 children have autism
    1:100 children have epilepsy
    1:250 children have tourettes syndrome
    1:400 children have diabetes
    1:775 babies die of SIDS
    1:1,000 children have Celiac Disease
    1:5,560 children have CANCER
    168 Deaths following vaccines reported to VAERS every year.
    ZERO deaths from Measles (in USA).

    Also, 1:6 couples are now INFERTILE and the Vaccine Inserts state they don’t test vaccines if they cause
    Cancer or Infertility!


    Doomsday lies again.

    Sariray, people who are specifically known to be allergic to specific vaccines should not receive them. But do you deny peanuts to normal babies who are not known to be allergic, just in case? On the contrary, it’s important for babies to be exposed to peanuts early, so they’re less likely to develop an allergy. The same applies to vaccines. Unless a child is known to be allergic to a specific vaccine, it should be given; those who are allergic will have to rely on herd immunity for whichever disease they couldn’t be vaccinated against, which means they depend on everyone else to be vaccinated.



    You’re trying to convince me with science but I don’t care.

    I personally do not know anyone who has had a negative reaction to vaccines. So vaccines are safe.


    Hmmmm….doomsday, we call that correlation. Its possible that food coloring, sugar or a multitude of reasons cause these illnesses. Studies have shown that its not the vaccine, same chances of getting the sickness with or without vaccine.


    Doomsday: Since around when Saddam Hussain invaded Kuwait in 1991, we have the SICKEST GENERATION EVER! Was the increase in sickness a result of the first Gulf war? No, correlation does not equal causation. You have to prove that it was vaccines that caused this supposed spike. The autism spike is likely because of improvements in diagnostics and awareness, as well as an expansion of the definition of autism. BTW, if you are talking about vaccines being bad, do yourself a favor and leave autism out. It is the weakest anti-vaccine argument there is, having no basis and being disproven over and over. As for the other statistics: What was the trend before the timeframe you listed? Is there real proof these things are related to vaccines (proof is scientific studies, not “I know a guy” or “we tracked 4 people for 2 weeks”)? Where are you getting them from? I know for a fact that measles deaths this year are not 0, why should I believe any of your other statistics?


    Doomsday, ADHD is caused by kids these days being put into schools instead of being put straight to work at the family farm. I have proof: Before mandatory schooling, approximately zero kids were diagnosed with ADD or ADHD! “Elementary school” isn’t medically necessary, it’s a ploy by Big Pharma to cause disease so they can sell more drugs.


    Agreed with RebYidd23! SCHOOLS ARE DANGEROUS! THATS WHAT KIDS HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR MANY YEARS ANMD ITS FINALLY BEEN PROVEN BY REBYIDD@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    NOW have the SICKEST GENERATION EVER in the History of USA

    To say that we now have the sickest generation ever in US history shows a gross lack of understanding of the history of medicine in the United States.

    The Wolf



    You said “and NOW have the SICKEST GENERATION EVER in the History of USA:”

    You have said many stupid things about medicine but this one is so glaringly ridiculous that I just can’t resist answering:

    You are aware that from 1900 to 1950 child mortality was so high in the USA that the average life span was about 48 years. Right?


    000646: You are aware that from 1900 to 1950 child mortality was so high in the USA that the average life span was about 48 years.

    That is a LIE! The average lifespan in 1949 was NOT 48 years.
    90% of deaths from infectious disease DECLINED BEFORE VACCINES were invented!

    Folks, I don’t know how to insert these HISTORICAL Charts but if you google the above statement you can see
    that it was NOT VACCINES which caused the decline in Death from infectious disease but:
    1. Sanitation (Flush toilets)
    2. Clean drinking water (not contaminated by feces)
    3. Better nutrition
    4. Less Overcrowding
    5. Running Water (hand-washing prevents disease!)

    There were NEVER so many Chronically SIck and Brain-Damaged Children in US History like those born AFTER 1990 when CDC TRIPLED the Vaccine Schedule!

    YW Moderator-25

    Oh, would you look at that.

    Another fruit basket. They just keep getting nicer.

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