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    Many years age there was a posting of Portable “Matza Oven” purchased from Jerusalem ovens
    Tanurei Jerusalem תנורי ירושלים – תנור מצות

    Portable Matza Oven

    I want to bake erev Pesach Matza instead of purchasing them. As it a Mitzvah to bake it on Erev Pesach not just consume it. Similar to the time there was a Temple .

    1. Does anyone have any experience using it?
    2. Anyone have any input how to use it? Indoors or outdoors etc?
    3. Is it practical to use?
    4. Are they available to rent locally in NYC vs purchasing it and importing?
    5. Does anyone know if it is legal to use in NYC?


    An absolutely brilliant idea for an ehrliche yid anxious to burn down his home (along with those of other tenants or neighbors) while voiding his fire insurance coverage and likely subjecting himself to arrest for violations of the NYC fire and building codes. Whats even more amazing is your willingness to risk the lives of yourself and family al kidush hashem to use a portable gas-fired commercial oven indoors with no regard for carbon monoxide etc. Mi kamocha Yisroel!!1

    Avram in MD


    No need to be mean. Bestcpa is seeking information about equipment he has never used. He never said that he intends to do something dangerous.


    I hold with the גר”א, against baking on Erev Pesach, but I bake all my family’s matzah myself every year. Here are the necessary steps to follow if you want to bake Pesach matzah:

    Learn Masechta Pesachim with Rashi.
    Learn הלכות אפיית מצה in the שולחן ערוך three times over. Ask questions about whatever you don’t understand.
    While you are doing this, learn to bake bread (chametz), using hands only. When you are consistently turning out good bread, and have completed steps 1 & 2, you can proceed.
    Now join a matzah chavurah, and learn from them how to mix and knead matzah dough, how to roll it out, and how to get it into the oven and out.
    When you are skilled at these things, buy a propane oven, a solid aluminum rolling pin, smooth steel mixing bowls, cups for flour and baby bottles to measure the water, and lots of paper towels.
    Propane ovens may only be used out of doors. Be sure the hose is equipped with the standard safety devices. I don’t know whether these ovens are legal in NYC; I live in Aretz. But they are identical to backyard barbecue ovens, so they should be legal. You don’t need to import one, a local model should be fine.
    Make sure the oven can reach 500 degrees F, and that it comes with a baker’s stone that fits into the floor. This is essential. Heat the stone for half an hour before you begin.


    I had such a style oven (from Israel but don’t remember the manufacturer) but sold it for the following reason. Lechatchila the matzot should not be touched once placed in the oven until the bottom is baked. In my oven, due to the position of the fire, part of the matzot would burn before the rest was baked . It would need to be moved before the complete bottom of the matza was baked.
    It’s not worth the tremendous work involved to produce second rate matzos.


    Haimy, Do you remember if you had a stone floor in your oven?


    If these ovens are like propane grills, I’d assume they’re legal in NYC, but would need 10 feet clearance from anything that can catch fire. We unfortunately had a catastrophic grill fire in BP last year, and this is an important law to publicize.


    It’s worthwhile to move that there is a serious problem of chametz if your matzah is exposed to the open sky. So am outdoor oven would be a big problem

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