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    There is a show on HGTV called Property Brothers the brothers 1st show the person a house they know they cant afford but its to give them a reality check that renovating a fixer upper is the way to go I have a hypothetical question lets assume their jewish would this be a problem of ginavas das


    How is that gneivas daas? I don’t watch this, so I am not certain of the events, but if they are showing them the home in order to show them it is NOT affordable and that they need to cash a reality check, why is that not a GOOD thing for them? The property brothers are doing it for a tachlis to show the buyers that they need to broaden their search for something they really CAN afford to buy, and not to have pipe dreams. Maybe I am misunderstanding what you posted…


    its geneivas daas by the real estate agent against the current homeowner.


    No it isn’t at all. It is like shidduchim. The buyers give the brothers a list of “Must Haves” and the brothers show them a house exactly with everything on the list. The buyers also gave the brothers their budget in which they want the brothers to find them everything on the list. So the brothers have give them a reality check and show them the home they want in the neighborhood they want that has everything on their list. Then they ask them “how much do you think this home costs?” That is the reality check. When they find out, they are shocked and say “We can’t afford this!” No kidding! On the other hand, the brothers take them to a run down house they can afford either in that neighborhood or near it and show them how they can have everything or nearly everything on their list in that home with some imagination and renovation. You can take anything with potential and bring out its potential when you understand that you have to be real and understand that you can’t have everything custom made your own desires, there are compromises along the way.

    This is a good lesson for shiduchim. When someone gives a shadchan a list of requirements sometimes a shadchan has to give them a reality check “have you looked in a mirror lately?” “what do you have to offer such a prospect?”. Seriously, lets say the shadchan can actually match everything on that list, what does that person have to offer in order to get a yes from that perfect person with all the requirements?

    This is a good lesson for life in general. Just because a person has a wish list or a want list does NOT mean that Hashem has “agreed” that they should get it and they might have to do a reality check. Stop looking at what you neighbor or family member has, stop looking at what you think you should have or you think you want and maybe try to understand what you really can afford or what Hashem really wants you to have right now.

    chulent dude

    are we really clerring in a tv show? this sounds like a mitzva haba’ah ba’aveira

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