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    Just a few weeks ago many of the same folks today supporting the BLM protests going on in major U.S. cities now were hissing and disparaging the protests against governors who were delaying the reopening timeframe for businesses in their state.

    Now these folks are all for the protests despite the risk of spreading COVID-19. Then they were yelling that the protests must stop since it will spread the coronavirus.

    Of course the hard left-wing media, such as the NY Times, Wash. Post, CNN, etc. were then opposing the protests due to the virus but today are supporting the “right of the protesters to protest”.


    Dear Joseph,
    Big difference. It was a massive risk to bring up racial tensions at this time. Give Americans their sports, theater, and concerts. It would save more lives, than anything else at this point. However, if this country had some religious leaders……….

    Doing my best

    Dear Joseph,
    You do realize that if not for the protests Chauvin would’ve gone scot free, right?
    Just saying….


    Doing My best: the protests did nothing of the sort. what proof do you have that Chauvin would have gone scot free? He was fired much quicker then the NYC cop who killed Eric Garner. How quickly does a grand jury hand up an indictment? do you think it is minutes after the crime is committed?


    Joseph you are 100% right.
    If they are so afraid of corona killing people than all these protesters are murderers right? So how do you protest murder with murder?
    Goes to show that no one REALLY thinks coronavirus is that dangerous. Exactly Josephs point
    Joseph isnt saying he’s against the protests, he’s bringing a point about the people who were angry before (De Blastio for example)


    Dear Chash,
    I think we are missing each other’s point. I think the reaction to the stay home protesters, was they are being stupid. The virus will not go away because we want it to. The reaction today is, they are acting like they had enough. They will not go away until we deal with it.


    There should not be mass protests or any counterprotests. We are still in a pandemic.


    There is so much that is political yet completely against science and facts.

    No one knows for sure if staying home is important or not, yet for some reason, some of the doctors and scientists that were very strong about having a lockdown or quarantining at home, have come full circle and now actually say that the lockdown must be lifted to allow the protests.

    This is as anti-science as it can get.


    Dear Two,
    Please name a scientist. [Look at what they actually said. If you meant journalists, I agree. A lot of reckless reporting these days.]

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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