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    Studies showed that reheating cooled pasta is healthier for you than eating it fresh.

    So, if you want to eat pasta, and are concerned about the impact of its high glycemic index, cool it first for 24 hours and then heat it up.

    You’re welcome! 🙂


    LB: What is the difference in the glycemic index between freshly cooked pasta and reheated pasta?


    Ah, so now instead of the 15-20 minutes it takes to make pasta, it will take over 24 hours.

    Thanks for the tip!


    Actually, if you eat whole grain pasta without cooking, the effective glycemic index level is even lower AND the soluble fiber is in a more beneficial form for your lower digestive tract.


    GH: Its also tasteless


    Lower, regular pasta has less flavor than whole wheat pasta, just as white bread has less flavor than whole wheat bread. You may not like the flavor or the texture of WW pasta, but that’s a different matter.


    Lowertution….that was not mean seriously but perhaps we should label sarcastic comments as such. Trying to eat hard (uncooked dry) pasta could also be challenging to your dental work as much as your GI tract.


    G H
    Poe”s law?


    Yehudayona: If you read GH’s comment she was talking about RAW WW pasta.


    Al dente pasta is the besssst! Totally add some some sliced olives and sundried tomatoes to make it next level. And it’s best when cool!


    Kluger: Sincere apologies for not inserting a winking smiley at the end of my post. Very poor internet trolling protocol.


    lowerourtuition11210, according to the report of the study, the glycemic index factor of reheated pasta reduced by 50%, in comparison with freshly cooked pasta.

    Another website stated that cooking pasta al dente (5-6 min), compared to cooking it for a greater amount of time, reduces the glycemic index factor. Also, this site stated that pasta that has had the chance to cool can lower the glycemic index to 35 points.

    Rebbe Yid

    If it doesn’t taste as good, you might eat less of it, which will be better for you. So you should eat fresh, nicely seasoned vegetables, and stale pasta.


    With pasta, the water tends to draw out the starch (cooked pasta water is usually a bit gloopy). So if you recook, starch leaves. Also, quinoa or brown rice pasta are better options with lower glycemic indices.


    LB: What report to what study?


    Whoa… a 1985 study found that certain pastas had different glycemic indexes irrespective of how they’re cooked!

    Glycemic Response to Pasta: Effect of Surface Area, Degree of Cooking, and Protein Enrichment

    T M S Wolever, BM, MSc, D J A Jenkins, DM, J Kalmusky, RPDt, C Giordano, RPDt, S Giudici, RPDt, A L Jenkins, RPDt, L U Thompson, PhD, G S Wong, MD and R G Josse, MD

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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